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Big decisions

An evening to myself. Do I work on restringing my crystal mala while listening to a call from Swami Kaleshwar’s Ashram? I really enjoyed that last night. Deep opening and meditative resonance. Or do I eat ginger dark chocolate and poke around on Pinterest for inspiration? Maybe read a little on Facebook and consider how the full moon in Scorpio will effect me. I guess I chose a bit of the latter so far. Nice. Maybe now it’s time for meditation. Here is a dogwood blossom from my walk yesterday for your enjoyment.

I love kids

Suddenly it occurs to me what a big role kids play in my life. Sure, I know I work 30+ hours a week with two amazing toddlers, have a 7 year old daughter of my own, started and worked at the Village Free School (a small, democratic school in SE Portland) for 5 years, nannied for 3 years before that and worked at a Montessory preschool in my early twenties. But somehow it never showed up in my mind as one of my hobbies, interests or passions. Really!?! I bet that’s what any of the people who know me must be thinking right now. It’s one of those blind spots right in front of your face. Clearly I love kids. I take more pictures of them than I do of plants, mountains, art, anything really. I’m almost always reading a few parenting books. And people have been paying me and thanking me for over a decade for taking care of, loving, educating, playing with, feeding and nurturing their offspring. But me, I didn’t really notice …

The obstacles are thoughts

Self-realization itself does not admit of progress, it is ever the same. The Self remains always in realization. The obstacles are thoughts. Progress is measured by the degree of removal of the obstacles to understanding that the Self is always realized. – Ramana Maharishi I consider writing down my thoughts. Why do I do that? Why do I write? In hopes that my thoughts are of interest to other people, that I might be appreciated or become famous? That something I say is of benefit to someone who reads it? I hope that something in my written speaks to people of this voice that is beyond the little self. I hope that if I write enough about what inspires me, or of the conversations I have with my self, or the beauty I observe in the world that some small piece of what is deeper than me will shine through. That god herself will speak in my words from my soul to yours. Now there is an ambition for my writing. But what else is …