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Ganesha namaha

When praying to any Hindu God always pray to Ganesh first. The Elephant head son of Shiva and Shakti removes obstacles clearing the way for the Divine. He is also known as the Patron Saint of Letters and for his love of sweets. I begin by invoking him. I am in a 41 day process of charging the Earth Mantra based on the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar. This is my second process I am engaging with his guidance. As I contemplated a daily meditation that would likely take over and hour and needed to happen at the same time each day I asked for guidance. I got a clear affirmation from another master I have worked with over the years, Sidi Shaykh Muhammad Sai-d Al-Jamal ar-Rifa’i ash-Shadhuli, a renowned Sufi Sheik and head of the Shadhiliyya order in Jerusalem. This affirmation of God as One and all paths that have Truth leading to the same place was so astonishing to me that I immediately dedicated myself to the work. It is from these same amazing …

in the beginning

“In the name of the One most Merciful and Compassionate.” This is the first line of Koran and all but one chapter of that holy book begins with it. It considered by Muslims to be the way to start any venture. My years as a Sufi left me with great respect for this beautiful nod to the Divine. May the words of this blog give inspiration to those who are walking towards the Divine in this time of great changes. There are many paths but only one Creation and we are all a part of it. Many of us are awakening these days for moments and glimpses, sometimes whole days. These are reflections as I look back upon myself on my way. Thank you for stopping in for a moment together. Peace image © Arabic Calligraphy