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You’re Special Special!

Just because you are special … … and I have some extra time this month I’m offering 1/2 off to the next 5 new clients who come to me for Energy and Sound Healing  This special is good for long distance (over the phone or Skype) and in person (my office or your home in Portland, OR) Healing Sessions. If you are wanting to be nurtured and enveloped in the deep love, if you have some things you want to clear and release, if you are in need of healing, now is the time to receive. These will go fast, so call or email me to set up your appointment       503.975.8504 with Love, Catherine  

Nourishing Families

Catherine Klebl is Nourishing Families Food, herbs and healing touch – raising children of all ages to their highest potential Food deeply effects the way we think and feel. Allergies, mood swings, behavioral issues, body weight, low energy, food cravings and so much more can be vastly impacted by making simple shifts in diet. I help individuals, families, pets asses their eating patterns, develop new strategies that match their life style and implement theses in small steps. This may include meal planning, cooking classes, shopping excursions or keeping a diet diary. We can tailor to your needs based on my two decades of studying and eating natural, whole foods including fermentation, ancestral wisdom, Paleo, raw foods, macrobiotics, vegan/ vegetarian, gluten or sugar free. Medicinal Plants offer gentle support and nourishment to our bodies as we move through the challenges of daily life. Colds, fevers, the flu, wounds, infections, broken bones, gum disease, allergies, stress, insomnia, lack of energy and other ailments are eased and our recovery is sped up through the use of herbal formulas. …

The next step

It's been a long time since I posted. Summer has been a time of change and personal growth and now I find myself at a new crossroads. The nanny job I have been greatly enjoying is coming to a close. The question presents itself of where to focus next. After much deliberation I come to the conclusion that this is the great opportunity to focus on stepping out into the world more actively as a healer. What a daunting and delightful prospect. There are three main modalities that I see myself practicing. Energy healing based on my decade as a Reiki Master, my connections with plant Spirit Medicine, the healing channels I am opening through the meditation practices of Swami Kaleshwar and lastly the sounds that come through me which stem from no formal training but never the less deeply impact the folks who feel it. Nutrition Coaching based on my experiments with vegetarian, vegan, raw, macrobiotic, Paleo and other aspects of whole, organic food eating as well as almost twenty years of avidity studying …