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Big decisions

An evening to myself. Do I work on restringing my crystal mala while listening to a call from Swami Kaleshwar’s Ashram? I really enjoyed that last night. Deep opening and meditative resonance. Or do I eat ginger dark chocolate and poke around on Pinterest for inspiration? Maybe read a little on Facebook and consider how the full moon in Scorpio will effect me. I guess I chose a bit of the latter so far. Nice. Maybe now it’s time for meditation. Here is a dogwood blossom from my walk yesterday for your enjoyment.

Earth Mantra Day 12 – all night

I thought I would give reciting my mantra in bed another shot. The night before it had been so pleasant and cozy and relaxing. I put my daughter to bed at 10:30, way past our usual bed time. The Cosby Show on netflix had entranced us. I gathered up my things, the mala and the small pot of soil, and crawled under the down comforter. Counting the beads in my right hand I stuck my left thumb in the soil to connect to the earth element and started to recite the mantra under my breath. This is by far the longest mantra I have ever recited and if I’m alert and moving quickly I can get through it in 30 minutes. But that really doesn’t ever happen. Spirit always has another plan for me. In this case I was unconscious by the time I reached 1/4 of the beads and then awoke to a knock on my door. There was my sweet daughter who had had a nightmare and wanted to crawl in bed with …