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to live and die with dignity

I realize once again that I have lofty goals for our world. for every human being, animal and plant to live and die in love and dignity. That’s really what it all comes down to, isn’t it? It came to me today as I cut up my bell pepper. I have to admit, I am a food snob. I buy almost all my produce organic and as local as possible. But this time I bought a conventional bell pepper, because my daughter picked it out, and I just wanted one, and there were no organic ones at either store I went to. As I was cutting it I felt how much less vibrant it was than the ones I got a few weeks back from a local farmer (must have had them in a greenhouse). I caught myself judging the poor little fruit and sent blessings to it and it’s family. The picture that came to me was of a barren field where pepper plants grow their short life and then are ripped from the …

The two brothers

Isaac and Ishmael were brothers. The two sons of Abraham. I was raised Christian. My mom is Episcopalian, my dad Roman Catholic. When I was a child I lived in Vienna, Austria. Almost everyone there was Catholic. The few who weren’t were Lutheran. In my whole 14 years living in Germany and Austria I met one Muslim. His name was Hakan. His family emigrated from Turkey. We lived a few blocks apart and sometimes walked home from school together. Recently I went to Powell’s Books to buy Autobiography of a Yogi. On my way out a book caught my attention. Habibi “Beloved” in Arabic. It is a graphic novel with pictures that reminded me of Persepolis¬† which was another one of those gifts from God. Habibi is the story of two refugees and their suffering and love. It is also the story of two religions, Islam and Christianity. I will have to share more of it later, or perhaps you ought to read it yourself. But for now let this suffice. Isaac and Ishmael were …

in the beginning

“In the name of the One most Merciful and Compassionate.” This is the first line of Koran and all but one chapter of that holy book begins with it. It considered by Muslims to be the way to start any venture. My years as a Sufi left me with great respect for this beautiful nod to the Divine. May the words of this blog give inspiration to those who are walking towards the Divine in this time of great changes. There are many paths but only one Creation and we are all a part of it. Many of us are awakening these days for moments and glimpses, sometimes whole days. These are reflections as I look back upon myself on my way. Thank you for stopping in for a moment together. Peace image ¬© Arabic Calligraphy