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Nourishing Families

Catherine Klebl is Nourishing Families Food, herbs and healing touch – raising children of all ages to their highest potential Food deeply effects the way we think and feel. Allergies, mood swings, behavioral issues, body weight, low energy, food cravings and so much more can be vastly impacted by making simple shifts in diet. I help individuals, families, pets asses their eating patterns, develop new strategies that match their life style and implement theses in small steps. This may include meal planning, cooking classes, shopping excursions or keeping a diet diary. We can tailor to your needs based on my two decades of studying and eating natural, whole foods including fermentation, ancestral wisdom, Paleo, raw foods, macrobiotics, vegan/ vegetarian, gluten or sugar free. Medicinal Plants offer gentle support and nourishment to our bodies as we move through the challenges of daily life. Colds, fevers, the flu, wounds, infections, broken bones, gum disease, allergies, stress, insomnia, lack of energy and other ailments are eased and our recovery is sped up through the use of herbal formulas. …

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Business Cards

  I’m totally excited. I just got my new business cards in the mail. These were ordered on a whim late at night after I was inspired in the shower to just make something really simple. Here they are I am pleased. Who says it has to be painful to create a business card? Here are my previous cards from 2002 and 1999 each of which took many hours of design and cost way more than the $17 I spent at Vistaprint last week. And the new ones are even 100% recycled.