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Nourishing Families

Catherine Klebl is Nourishing Families Food, herbs and healing touch – raising children of all ages to their highest potential Food deeply effects the way we think and feel. Allergies, mood swings, behavioral issues, body weight, low energy, food cravings and so much more can be vastly impacted by making simple shifts in diet. I help individuals, families, pets asses their eating patterns, develop new strategies that match their life style and implement theses in small steps. This may include meal planning, cooking classes, shopping excursions or keeping a diet diary. We can tailor to your needs based on my two decades of studying and eating natural, whole foods including fermentation, ancestral wisdom, Paleo, raw foods, macrobiotics, vegan/ vegetarian, gluten or sugar free. Medicinal Plants offer gentle support and nourishment to our bodies as we move through the challenges of daily life. Colds, fevers, the flu, wounds, infections, broken bones, gum disease, allergies, stress, insomnia, lack of energy and other ailments are eased and our recovery is sped up through the use of herbal formulas. …

looking for practice clients for herb school

I am looking for a few folks who would like to receive a free health assessment from a budding herbalist. I have been working with medicinal plants since 2007 and am currently in my second year of the School of Traditional Western Herbal Medicine. I just learned a great in-depth way to do a client intake and need to practice it at least twice before June 20th. Are you interest in taking a closer look at your health? Do you have any current illnesses that you would like to get some help with? Would you like learn which herbs and lifestyle changes could best support you in your next step of healing? Do you suffer from chronic aches, pains, allergies or digestive troubles? Wholistic Herbalism looks at the entire person, not just the symptoms that are presenting themselves at the moment. Therefore we schedule 2 – 3 hours for the initial client intake. This allows us (the practitioner and the client) to look for patterns in the dis-ease. When did it start? What brings it …

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Business Cards

  I’m totally excited. I just got my new business cards in the mail. These were ordered on a whim late at night after I was inspired in the shower to just make something really simple. Here they are I am pleased. Who says it has to be painful to create a business card? Here are my previous cards from 2002 and 1999 each of which took many hours of design and cost way more than the $17 I spent at Vistaprint last week. And the new ones are even 100% recycled.      

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Cottonwood Ghee

what did I do with my pound of Cottonwood buds? I made it into amazing, golden Cottonwood Ghee. Cottonwood, or Balsam Poplar, buds are very resinous. They contain salicytates which are anti- inflammatory similar to aspirin and aromatic resins which act are antimicrobial, increase blood flow to the surface of the skin and promote healing. The oil or salve can be used for sprains, arthritic joints, burns. It is helpful for both hot and cold pains and swelling. “The salve has been used for burns by Native Americans and Europeans for millenia. It lessens pain, keeps the surface antiseptic, and also¬† stimulates skin regeneration” ( Michael More, Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West) Last harvest I made lots of Cottonwood tincture which is amazing for chest colds so this year I aimed for oil and salve. I did two different recipes based on Michael Moore’s instructions. First, I’ll share the one that went well even though I did it second.