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Reclaiming Memories

The last relationship I was in was full of amazing spiritual experiences, divine insights, connections with plants and songs. It was also, particularly towards the end, extremely painful. Even though it ended many months ago the memories are regularly triggered. I pulled the Self Heal, Prunella vulgaris, tincture off my shelf to take some for my arm. As vivid as if it were yesterday the memory came back to me of how we stood in that field at sunset, the meadow spread out before us and the forest with our campsite behind. The remains of golden sunlight hung in the air, a cool breeze washed over standing my hair on end. We paused in silence for a while, each of us connecting to the energy of the place and the spirit of the plant.

As long as in love there is “you” and “me”

I read on my friends facebook post: “As long as in love there is “you” and “me”, love is not fully kindled.” ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan. I had planned to post about grief. About how easy it is to slip into the pain of lost love. How I wondered who’s pain it really was that I felt. Was it my pain, or hers, or the pain of the world. But something in this quote woke me up. It’s hard to even find the pain now. Here you are. Enjoy. The Sufi makes no restrictions and has no principles of renunciation, nor does he teach renunciation. He believes that to sacrifice anything in life which one does not wish to sacrifice is of no use, but that renunciation is a natural thing, and grows in one with one’s evolution. A child which cries for its toy at one stage of its childhood, comes to an age when it is quite willing to give away the toy it once cried for. There are three stages of morals. …