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Food journal 6.18

It’s the third week of the bootcamp challenge. This week were only eating meat and veggies. No dairy, no nuts or fruit in addition to avoiding grains and sugar. Paleo to the fullest. I’m adding in a lot of bone broth to use this as an opportunity to rebuild my gut flora. Though the last few days my bowel movements have been so regular I’ve actually been taking a break from Psyllium and Cascara. 5:05 up with the alarm, moving a little slow, but feeling good after 8 hours at home in my bed 5:30 1/2 carrot, 1 cup broth 6:00 bootcamp, abdominal workout. Lost 3 lbs over the last two weeks. 7:40 Breakfast: 2 lamb chorizo sausages, sautéed asparagus, cabbage, onion in coconut oil and kraut 8:30 a little more chorizo and veggies, breakfast was rushed before work and I just wasn’t quite satisfied 9:00 1 cup broth 11:00 Snack: rest of breakfast, celery and water 12:30 1 cup broth, finished second bottle of water 1:00 Lunch: Cajun Halibut with a pile of broccoli, …

Food Journal, Day 7

9:15 got up. I stayed in bed for 10 whole hours. 10:00 a mess of kale, chard, 3 eggs, kraut & sourcream. with a small glass of beet kvass. yum. My mouth is really dried out now. Those bitter greens suck the moisture right out of me. Maybe a tea of something moistening will be good all the way down. Ate a prune. Had a nice poop. 1:00 some leftover chicken and root veggies, 1 cup of green smoothie, with kefir, coconut milk, whey protein, berries and kale 4:30 1 more cup of smoothie and water, small handful of almonds and macadamias. 7:15 Dinner: chicken, root veggies, asparagus, spinach, dressing, kraut and sourcream. A cranberry juice popsicle for desert, tangy and barely sweet at all. 9:30 to go to bed early now. Yes!