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Gut Rebuilding: the beginning of the GAPS diet

I’m enjoying the soothing effect of chicken broth on my intestines on day 4 of the GAPS intro diet. It is a rather involved process to switch to a new diet. Even for someone like me, who has been eating primarily whole, natural, gluten free foods and who ferments fervently, it is quite the adventure. I thought I would share a little about how my process is going so far to give folks a sense of what is involved. GAPS, the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet is an adaptation of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). It has a lot in common with the Paleo Diet in that it focuses on whole, natural meats and vegetables and excludes grains, sugar and all processed food. But it differs in some key points which make it uniquely suited to gut rebuilding. Particularly in the beginning, the main foods are bone broth, soups and fermented foods and all complex carbohydrates including potato and yam are excluded. GAPS was developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell–McBride to support the healing of her …

Fermentation Workshops in your home

Introducing a selection of short workshops to learn how to create delicious, gut friendly fermented foods and beverages in your own kitchen. Do it with your whole family or invite a group of friends to explore the joy of fermentation with you. Water Kefir and Beet Kvass: Delicious fermented beverages can be made completely dairy free to provide a wide spectrum of probiotics and healthy gut bacteria. Immune Boosting Herbal Sauerkraut: Organic Cabbage, root vegetables, berries and herbs are transformed into a delightful, tangy healing treat through the power of salt and time. Hands on, simple, step by step instructions, handouts and samples. Most kitchens will accommodate 3-6 participants.  

Listening to my gut

I’m not going to tell anyone how to eat, unless they ask my advice, of course.  But I finally told myself and am following my own advice. I got to the point where my aching joints, delayed bowel movements, frequent gas and dry skin just got to be too much for me. So I eliminated sugar, gluten, legumes and most grains from my diet a week ago. I know those are the foods I’ve struggled to digest in the past. And wow, do I feel better. The joint inflammation and pain is almost totally gone. My bowel movements are softening and totally unexpectedly I feel warm, even when it was 57 deg in my home. I’m excited and inspired. Have been browsing some paleo blogs for recipes and checking out the Gaps diet for extra ideas such as drinking bone broth with my meals. On some intellectual, moral, spiritual and environmental levels I think being vegetarian would be better. But my gut doesn’t seem to think so at all and that’s who I’ll be living …