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Fermentation Workshops in your home

Introducing a selection of short workshops to learn how to create delicious, gut friendly fermented foods and beverages in your own kitchen. Do it with your whole family or invite a group of friends to explore the joy of fermentation with you. Water Kefir and Beet Kvass: Delicious fermented beverages can be made completely dairy free to provide a wide spectrum of probiotics and healthy gut bacteria. Immune Boosting Herbal Sauerkraut: Organic Cabbage, root vegetables, berries and herbs are transformed into a delightful, tangy healing treat through the power of salt and time. Hands on, simple, step by step instructions, handouts and samples. Most kitchens will accommodate 3-6 participants.  

Fermentation Mastery

I just listened to Summer Bock’s teleconference on fermentation and was totally inspired. I love fermenting foods. Currently I have 7 in my home Saurkraut Kombucha Kefir Water Kefir Buttermilk Yogurt Sourdough I had pijma, but I just wasn’t delighted with it and how many ‘pets’ do I really need. In the days when I regularly ate gluten I made a fair bit of sourdough bread. Now I have converted the starter to gluten free grains and use it for pancakes and the occasional batch of Injera. But it seems I use the dairy cultures most. Anyway, Summer is my new inspiration. I saw her speak at the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering last fall and the way she has rounded out my understanding of what actually occurs in our gut and in a jar of kraut pleases me greatly. Plus after seeing her do it I started to add medicinal herbs to my kraut which is totally delicious and delightful. Today I learned more about the types of dis-ease caused by unbalanced intestinal flora which …