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Fermentation Workshops in your home

Introducing a selection of short workshops to learn how to create delicious, gut friendly fermented foods and beverages in your own kitchen. Do it with your whole family or invite a group of friends to explore the joy of fermentation with you. Water Kefir and Beet Kvass: Delicious fermented beverages can be made completely dairy free to provide a wide spectrum of probiotics and healthy gut bacteria. Immune Boosting Herbal Sauerkraut: Organic Cabbage, root vegetables, berries and herbs are transformed into a delightful, tangy healing treat through the power of salt and time. Hands on, simple, step by step instructions, handouts and samples. Most kitchens will accommodate 3-6 participants.  

Making Stuff

I seem to be obsessed with making stuff, or at least the idea of it. Beef stock Saurkraut Kefir Beeswax candles Knit seat cushions Intarsia gloves Salad dressing (just made some with my daughter yesterday, Yum. duelling flavors) Fermented Ketchup Kombucha not to mention the pile of half processed herbs and about a dozen new blog post ideas All these are running around my mind and whenever I have a minute I come up with more.Whoa! What is going on? I so don’t have time to make all of this. And where are all these ideas coming from?I’ll credit the 4 planets in Pisces, Realm of Possibility, where my Sun and Mercury live. My imagination is currently highly stimulated. Well, it’s weekend now so we’ll see where I get too. Maybe my hands in the dirt or a brisk walk outside would be good too. To clear my mind and ground my inspirations. ******************** Checking in a few months later. I have finished my fingerless gloves, and they are lovely.     It pleases me …