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What plants talk about

“Maybe we’re not quite as smart as we thought we were and perhaps plants are a lot more intelligent than we ever imagined.” What plants talk about is a stunning documentary following several scientists around the world who have discovered evidence of plants communicating with and supporting each other. Questions such as: Do plants work together? Can they recognize their kin? How do they recognize each other? are posed and assessed in a series of experiments. It is quite the awe inspiring video confirming many of my beliefs and understandings of the complexity of plant intelligence. One of my favorite examples is the way the wild tobacco plant changes the shape of its flowers and the time of day it blooms in response to predatory insects. You just have to watch it for yourself on PBS.

Walking among the Ancient Trees

Walking among the ancient trees I pause. Feeling their presence strong and stalwart. Stillness engulfs my thoughts until there is only now. I feel my being open, expand, flow into the earth and up to the sky. I look up. Drops fall great distance from moss covered branches. These beings have been standing here a long time. They are so different from me, yet their presence is familiar, like home. Some of them have already fallen, only stumps remain. But the stumps are not dead, they are the ground for new growth. New growth rises up out of this one. Three trees, already older than me, and beneath them a mysterious cave. The dwelling of the ancient one who's heart beats strong.  


Oak is quietly present. Majestic but unobtrusive. Oak was one of the first plants I really felt. When Viridian, my daughter, was just a toddler we used to go to Piccolo Park in SE Portland. There are 3 ancient Oak trees surrounding the playground. I would find myself sitting under the tree leaned right up against the trunk, which is at least 4 feet across. Under the tree my thoughts were calm and clear, focused and grounded. But it was a cool day, so I moved out into the lawn past the edge of the shadow and quickly my thoughts found their way back to their busy, anxious trails contemplating all I had to do. I was so struck by this contrast that I moved back and forth, in and out from under the tree until I was certain that the tree itself had altered my thoughts, my feelings and my whole way of being. After that I would frequent the park just to bask in the calm, cool, steady feeling under the oak. It …