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What plants talk about

“Maybe we’re not quite as smart as we thought we were and perhaps plants are a lot more intelligent than we ever imagined.” What plants talk about is a stunning documentary following several scientists around the world who have discovered evidence of plants communicating with and supporting each other. Questions such as: Do plants work together? Can they recognize their kin? How do they recognize each other? are posed and assessed in a series of experiments. It is quite the awe inspiring video confirming many of my beliefs and understandings of the complexity of plant intelligence. One of my favorite examples is the way the wild tobacco plant changes the shape of its flowers and the time of day it blooms in response to predatory insects. You just have to watch it for yourself on PBS.

What’s the big deal about eating Organic?

I have been eating organically grown food for most of my life. In the 80’s Austria was the first country to have organic certification and since my parents were interested in eating natural food they quickly sought out the little health food stores, Bioladen, in Vienna. When I moved to Portland for college I became a member at People’s Food Coop. By volunteering a few hours a month there I received a hearty discount and have always done most of my grocery shopping there since. I never thought about how much more expensive organic food is. It was real food and it just costs as much as it does. But for many people buying organic is on the other side of the big hurdle called “too expensive” So why buy organic? Because it is better for your body and the environment. Here are a few quotes from Joshua Rosenthal’s book Integrative Nutrition: Feed your Hunger for Health and Happiness: Fresh, organic produce contains more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients than intensively farmed produce. According …