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Channeling negativity

There is a constant flow of energy through our lives. We cannot control this flow, stopping or starting it at will, but we do have influence over how it is expressed. Sometimes it’s a flow of positivity, sometimes it’s a flow of negativity. Often both at once. The laws of karma say, similarly to newtons laws of motion, that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. What this means is when you have a great positive energy coming into your life, there’s also a great negative energy that comes. Perhaps you’ve had the¬†experience of going on a beautiful mountain retreat where you feel elated and one with nature. Then returning to the city you feel a heaviness or anxiety and get in a fight with your loved ones. Or oppositely, have you ever noticed after an illness or life trauma has passed, when you have cried your heart out or slept all week. Then you walk out into the world and everything is fresh, beautiful and you are full of new hope and …

The next step

It's been a long time since I posted. Summer has been a time of change and personal growth and now I find myself at a new crossroads. The nanny job I have been greatly enjoying is coming to a close. The question presents itself of where to focus next. After much deliberation I come to the conclusion that this is the great opportunity to focus on stepping out into the world more actively as a healer. What a daunting and delightful prospect. There are three main modalities that I see myself practicing. Energy healing based on my decade as a Reiki Master, my connections with plant Spirit Medicine, the healing channels I am opening through the meditation practices of Swami Kaleshwar and lastly the sounds that come through me which stem from no formal training but never the less deeply impact the folks who feel it. Nutrition Coaching based on my experiments with vegetarian, vegan, raw, macrobiotic, Paleo and other aspects of whole, organic food eating as well as almost twenty years of avidity studying …

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Business Cards

  I’m totally excited. I just got my new business cards in the mail. These were ordered on a whim late at night after I was inspired in the shower to just make something really simple. Here they are I am pleased. Who says it has to be painful to create a business card? Here are my previous cards from 2002 and 1999 each of which took many hours of design and cost way more than the $17 I spent at Vistaprint last week. And the new ones are even 100% recycled.