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Delicious fermented beets

I’m enjoying the fruits of my labor, pickled beets from the first episode of Fermentation Fun. They are a totally delicious accompaniment to my lunch of lamb stew. It was so delightful to present these simple ferments at People’s Food Coop last month. For those of you who missed the class or lost the recipes, read on. Both pickled beets and beet kvass allow you to enjoy and easily digest the many benefits of beets. These include nutrients such as iron, potassium, fiber, folate and antioxidants. Then there is boron which helps build bones, elevates, testosterone and improves blood flow, contributing to the use of beets as an aphrodisiac. Not to forget, sodium nitrate which is credited with allowing you to exercise for 15% longer and helping some British athletes win in the 2012 Olympics, according to Jo Robins in Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health These lacto fermented foods will provide your gut lining with a fresh batch of live, digestion enhancing bacteria. Eat fermented foods with every meal! …

Fermentation Fun at People’s Food Coop

All About Beets:   Sunday, January 19, 2-3:30pm Beets are highly nutritious, packed with iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, vitamins A and C, niacin and even folic acid. They are delicious both cooked and raw. But have you ever tried them fermented? Lacto-fermentation makes the nutrients more bioavailable and provides beneficial bacteria to your digestive system. Pickled beets are easy to make at home and so is the refreshing beverage Beet Kvass. This hands on class will walk you through the simple steps of fermenting beets and give you a taste of the results. Free, call the co-op to register. Catherine has been fermenting in jars, bottles and crocks for over a decade. There are times when 9 or more different types of products are bubbling around her home. She loves to experiment with food and share it with anyone interested in tasting something different.

Fermentation Workshops in your home

Introducing a selection of short workshops to learn how to create delicious, gut friendly fermented foods and beverages in your own kitchen. Do it with your whole family or invite a group of friends to explore the joy of fermentation with you. Water Kefir and Beet Kvass: Delicious fermented beverages can be made completely dairy free to provide a wide spectrum of probiotics and healthy gut bacteria. Immune Boosting Herbal Sauerkraut: Organic Cabbage, root vegetables, berries and herbs are transformed into a delightful, tangy healing treat through the power of salt and time. Hands on, simple, step by step instructions, handouts and samples. Most kitchens will accommodate 3-6 participants.