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Get your Art out of the Basement

Break all the Rules Enter your darkness and Create Do you ever have the feeling that your creativity got lost somewhere along the way? Is your life going fine, but you really wish you had more passion and excitement about it? You may not have truly lost your art, but it may be laying around in your basement under huge a pile of crap. Unfelt feelings, negative thoughts, self – judgement and failure can be between you and your creativity. No wonder you haven’t gone looking for it. Besides you’ve probably been too busy following all the important adult rules. Such as: “You have to clean the house, feed the children, make money, pay the bills, mow the lawn, … before you can make art. ” “Being an artist is not a real job.” “Unless you are going to make amazing art you shouldn’t make any art at all.” If any of that sounds familiar, please read on. Advertisements