My life has been, almost unconsciously, devoted to the study and practice of a series of Spiritual pathways.

In childhood I was Christian, baptized Episcopalian and confirmed Roman Catholic in Austria. I had a deep personal connection with God and gladly attended church and youth camps. Singing songs of Jesus while walking in the woods was a favorite of mine. As a teen I was exposed to Yoga and Astrology, Carlos Castaneda
and the beat poets, Bob Dylan, Paganism and Frijof Capra.

My college years were deeply influenced by a trip around the world with time in Australia, Nepal, China and Mongolia and the states of altered consciousness reached through late night dancing and psychedelics. I connected to Ganesh, Kali and Shiva, practiced Hindu and Buddhist mediation, studied the Mayan Calendar and the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek. For 8 years I played Tai Chi daily keeping the doors open to the flow of Cosmic Energy.

During a break from my college studies of Physics and Math, including Quantum Mechanics, Optics and the interaction of light and ultrasound in water, I became a Reiki Master and explored my ability to be a conscious creator in my life through Landmark Education and teachings of Ramtha and Bijan.

After college many things shifted in my life and I found myself in a deep walking on the Shadduliya Sufi path. There I learned of the inner teachings of Islam and the value of daily prayer. I also started to work with small children who are amazing teachers of Divinity.

My thirties were shaped by a rediscovery of my connection with plants and the deep knowing that comes from direct connection to Plant Spirits in meditation. I traveled to Peru, studied the Native plants of Oregon and continued my growth into self awareness as a mother and teacher at a school dedicated to youth discovering who they are and what they came here to do.

All of these explorations share a desire to intimately know and experience a direct and personal connection to the Divine. Most, if not all, of them came into my life without planning on my part. The last few years, after getting really grounded in this land and the 5 Elements and by opening to the guidance of Plant and Nature Spirits I have found myself guided back to Sufi practices, Hindu meditations and the great love of Jesus.

It becomes clear over and over that all of these paths lead to the same Source. Any thread can be followed to the Divine Unity and my hope is that as I share some bits and pieces of my journey you too will find threads worth following to the place where your heart, mind, body and soul can resonate deeply with the One Love.

Peace, Catherine Laila

AstrologySufism, Spirit

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