Mahonia Medicinals

Mahonia Medicinals is my line of handcrafted herbal remedies. The plants are ethically wild crafted and/or organically grown in the greater NW.

Here are some of the plants I currently have available as tinctures. They can be purchased from me in SE Portland, OR.

Contact me for herbs or an herbal consultation.

Cleavers: Kidney & urinary tract support, lymphatics, skin, oversensitive nerves, breast tenderness, edema

Dandelion: Diuretic, liver cleanser, spring tonic, digestive stimulant, breast tenderness, sedative

Echinacea: Immune stimulant, good for overworked and exhausted people, acne, boils, increases white blood cells

Oregon Grape: Anti-bacterial, liver support, digestive bitter, dry skin & scalp, sugar cravings

Stinging Nettle: Nutritive, high in minerals, adrenal & kidney support, stress, internal bleeding, tonic

Western Red Cedar: Antifungal, antiviral, immune stimulant, skin growths, warts, sore joints & muscles, respiratory, stomach pains

Yarrow: deep cuts, bruises, psoriasis, bee stings, wrinkles, blood flow balancer, bleeding gums, ear ache, “wounded healer”

Medicinal properties are given for reference not as medical diagnosis. This information is shared with the understanding that you are ultimately responsible for your own health and well-being.


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