Some things my gracious clients have to say:

Where there has been stress I find peace in my body … chaos I find quiet in my mind … pain I find warmth and comfort. – Lisa, LMT

Before my session I was so bogged down with clutter (mental, physical, people) and couldn’t make heads or tails of the direction I needed to turn. After my session I put my feet on the ground and starting walking the path I wanted to go. – Rae, mother of 4 Living a Sacred Livelihood

I was suffering from a low grade cold that kept dragging on and on in my chest, after exhausting all of my home remedies and even trying some store bought ones I went to Catherine for her opinion.  She gave me a tincture that she had made, something I would not have thought to take on my own.  After 2 doses and within a day my condition had cleared up completely and I felt better on several other levels as well.

Through this experience I have seen that we deal with herbs in the same way we deal with synthetic medicine which is to boil it down to their active ingredients, like a drug. When in fact doing it that way we are missing the energetic nature of the plants gift.  Plant Medicine is dynamic and carries energy and vibration, plants are alive and therefore connect with us on a deep and intuitive level.  Plants speak a language with our bodies, sometimes you find the conversation hidden in places a layman would never know to look.  That is why we need more plant whispers, like Catherine to interpret the vibrations of the plant and match it to the vibrations that we are needing in any particular moment.  Using her keen intuition her expert knowledge and experience Catherine channels the vibrations of the plants for the health of the people.  – Ami LMT

Catherine is a knowledgeable, patient, thorough, and loving care giver. Her wellness guidance and herbal tinctures have helped me and my family with various wellness challenges that the modern medical model cannot address. I am grateful to her and her commitment to herbalism. – Brandy, mother of 2 and fundraiser extraordinaire

I enjoy Reiki… to quiet all my inner upheaval… to help control and relieve the pain in my feet due to Diabetic Neuropathy. Reiki has helped control my blood sugar. – Jeannette, Nurse

Supported my counseling sessions. Mind body interconnection helps get things moving. – Peter, Computer Support

Calming treatment, helps me center and focus inward, send love to my joints and heart, everything is ok. I’m ok. It is the touch that I really value. – Terese, Tutor

Through Reiki 1 training I have realized my potential to heal both myself and others. I also learned that everyone is capable of transmitting the power of Reiki. – Dana, BA Psychology

Reiki 1 … first truly spiritual experience I have ever had. It affected me on a deep core level… subconscious knowledge I had about the truth of gentleness and good in the universe were profoundly and irrevocably affirmed. I felt affirmed as a human being, and as one who has a soul. – Chris, LMT

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  1. After I received the gift of Catherine’s (Cat’s) presence, aware touch, only then did
    I become aware of feeling deeply throughout my body. Prior to her touch, I thought
    I felt fine, which I did. Yet Cat’s intention, lack of ego, and complete connection with
    the unseen forces, brought me home again, reminding me of what rests beneath my
    made-up beliefs about living daily. Cat is a person that I trust, and can feel safe that
    she will not impose her training on me…but allow what is in me to reveal itself.
    Silence. Quiet. Calm.

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