Food Coaching & Healing Sessions

with Borage

Guided Energy Healing and Integrated Health Consultations 

with Catherine Klebl are available by phone or in person in Portland, Oregon

Call to schedule your  free, initial 20 minute consultation:
503.975.8504  or

Energy and Sound Healing Sessions 

Individualized energy healing sessions based on my work with Reiki, Plant Spirit Medicine and Inner Guides.

The healing energy is in process of revealing itself to me. As we continue to grow and open more deeply to the flow of Universal Love what moves through us evolves. During a session I stay in communication with my Healing Guides and the Spirit of the person I am working with. I lay my hands on their body in traditional Reiki style and move around the room shifting energy with Tai Chi hands. I may call upon plants and elemental spirits that guide me. I chant, tone and make healing sounds with my voice or instruments. Often I will receive guidance that I can pass on about herbs, nutrition, lifestyle adjustments. Read more about my work with herbal medicine.

A healing session is truly a miraculous dance in the moment. Great Spirit honoring your Spirit through me, leaving your body, mind, spirit and emotions in balance and harmony. Pain, illness, heartbreak, exhaustion, confusion and other suffering can be shifted in a session.

Please, read the testimonials to learn more about what you might experience.

Healing Session Fees

  • $150 for 90 min

Health and Food Coaching

is offered as a series of sessions with a focus on making simple, lasting adjustments to your diet and lifestyle that nourish, sustain and support you.

Herbal medicine and dietary changes towards whole foods, low carb, Paleo, GAPS, Keto as well as elimination diets for gluten/ grain free, dairy free, raw, organic, and fermented foods are my specialty.

The first session usually lasts about 90 min. After that we schedule 30 – 60 min visits every 1 – 4 weeks. I highly recommend you commit 3-6 months to fully integrate the changes into your life.

The basic structure of health coaching includes:

  • Assess your current situation, concerns, resources and tools
  • Connect to your heart and belly guidance
  • Design a game plan – meal plans, food elimination, diet diary, exercise, sleep, water … as appropriate
  • Implement a few things at a time
  • revise and revisit as needed

In addition I offer: adapting recipes to meet food restrictions, shopping tour of natural food stores, kitchen clearing and resetting, identifying edible and medicinal plants in your garden, fermenting foods, cooking classes.

Health Coaching Fee: 

$90 per hour, or 10 for $800

Catherine Klebl  503.975.8504


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