Catherine is a explorer of and guide to subtle realms.

Catherine Klebl healer

She uses her connection to the divine to bring healing energy to people and situations. She helps awaken the inner awareness and guides people to their own truth. It is a great source of joy in her life to be in meditation, listening to plants and inner guides, sucking the divine nectar of realization.

Her exploration started as a child who loved to be in the trees. Mother Nature held a safe space for her when interactions with people were challenging. The beautiful, old catholic churches of Vienna filled her with awe and an awareness of god as father and protector. From a young age she had her own conversations with Source.

In her teen years she became aware of the drawbacks of organized religion and distanced herself from the church in search of a truth that resonated with her inner knowing. Over the decades she has delved deeply into the transcendent reality offered by Hindu, Sufi and Christian mystics as well as knowledge offered by plant and nature spirits. Her deepest desire is for more of us to awaken to the peace, healing and wisdom found on the inner planes and integrate that into the way we care for each other and the world.

She has taught classes in whole food preparation and fermentation, herbal medicine, energy awareness and healing, Tai Chi and art to children and adults. Her education ranges from a Bachelors in Physics, through massage school, Reiki Master training, herbal healing and plant spirit medicine to Swami Kaleshwar’s ancient healing practices and meditations. She has learned a lot from all the wonderful children she has cared for as a nanny and teacher over the past 12 years.

Her guided energy and sound healing sessions are a wonderful opportunity to experience the the gifts she has been gathering in the subtle realms, connect deeply with your own inner guidance, clear out the old and bring in the new, vibrant energy and life you are wanting.

Check out the events page for current class offerings.

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