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Channeling negativity

There is a constant flow of energy through our lives. We cannot control this flow, stopping or starting it at will, but we do have influence over how it is expressed. Sometimes it’s a flow of positivity, sometimes it’s a flow of negativity. Often both at once. The laws of karma say, similarly to newtons laws of motion, that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. What this means is when you have a great positive energy coming into your life, there’s also a great negative energy that comes. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of going on a beautiful mountain retreat where you feel elated and one with nature. Then returning to the city you feel a heaviness or anxiety and get in a fight with your loved ones. Or oppositely, have you ever noticed after an illness or life trauma has passed, when you have cried your heart out or slept all week. Then you walk out into the world and everything is fresh, beautiful and you are full of new hope and …

You’re Special Special!

Just because you are special … … and I have some extra time this month I’m offering 1/2 off to the next 5 new clients who come to me for Energy and Sound Healing  This special is good for long distance (over the phone or Skype) and in person (my office or your home in Portland, OR) Healing Sessions. If you are wanting to be nurtured and enveloped in the deep love, if you have some things you want to clear and release, if you are in need of healing, now is the time to receive. These will go fast, so call or email me to set up your appointment       503.975.8504 with Love, Catherine  

to live and die with dignity

I realize once again that I have lofty goals for our world. for every human being, animal and plant to live and die in love and dignity. That’s really what it all comes down to, isn’t it? It came to me today as I cut up my bell pepper. I have to admit, I am a food snob. I buy almost all my produce organic and as local as possible. But this time I bought a conventional bell pepper, because my daughter picked it out, and I just wanted one, and there were no organic ones at either store I went to. As I was cutting it I felt how much less vibrant it was than the ones I got a few weeks back from a local farmer (must have had them in a greenhouse). I caught myself judging the poor little fruit and sent blessings to it and it’s family. The picture that came to me was of a barren field where pepper plants grow their short life and then are ripped from the …

Clearing Roadblocks

A nice camping trip to the east side of Mt. Hood. Some folks call it Wy’east over there. The mountain itself is called Lookout Mountain. I’m sure there are other names, but I just remember how to get there. As I pulled on to the dirt road leading up the mountain I saw some fallen trees by the side of the road and it reminded me of the MovNat video my trainer from Bootcamp showed me. I started to tell my friend S about it, how the guy ran around in the woods half naked and barefoot. He jumped off cliffs into a pile of pebbles and dragged around huge logs with his bare hands. Then we turned the bend to our campground and right before us was an enormous pile of downed trees blocking the whole road. We both had to laugh at that synchronicity. Being adventurous we jumped out assessed the situation. We decided that if we moved all the smaller logs we could drive around the main roadblock and make it to …

Honoring the Mother

The Mother wants to give her child everything. Everything the child asks for, needs or simply would be delighted by. But the child must also be polite. By polite I don’t mean saying the right words, like please and thank you. Deep politeness is a way of being – respectful, humble, grateful – acknowledging that what you receive is so much more than you can ever give back. This attitude, this sharing of love is what makes the work of the mother a joy. We must practice to be polite with our mothers. Our human mothers, our mother earth. We must show our children how to respect us, our wives, our elders, our planet. And how do we do that best? First we do it by honoring ourselves. We honor our bodies by feeding them well, resting, moving. We honor our hearts by loving, playing, saying nice things to and about ourselves. We honor our personal space and time by having and holding clear boundaries. We honor our creativity by giving it room to express …

On the inner plane you can not lie

When I work with little children I listen to the subtle voices, as much as possible. People communicate, just like plants and animals, silently on the inner plane. It is easiest to hear when we’re not talking, or with little children. Little children don’t know how to lie, they just tell it how they see it. What is inside them comes out. But words are tricky and soon they learn that they can say things that are not “true” and that has all sorts of interesting effects. As adults we swim in lies, so many we hardly know they are there. Beliefs, Illusions, Stories, … call them what you will, the things we tell ourselves and each other that aren’t real and then try hard to live in accordance with. I spend much of my time in meditation trying to sort that out and find my way back to Reality. Plants live there, and little children. On the inner plane you can not lie, only pretend you don’t hear.

I wonder if God has that thought

I pause on my walk to be awed by the evening clouds sailing across the matte blue sky. Should I run off to get my camera? If I do will I be able to catch the beauty? If I post it, will anyone ever see it? It seems silly to blog about my fears of blogging. But that’s where I am today. Will anyone ever see the things I make? and will they appreciate them? I wonder if God has that thought. A million times a day.  

God serving God

Seva = service “Please help to humanity. I keep begging and asking, we are one. We don’t have any religion. Our religion is only love. God is one. Candles might be different but flame light is same.” – Sri Kaleshwar The greatest meditation is to help another person. To care about another’s happiness more than my own. Even just for a moment. I listened to a reading today where Swami Kaleshwar was urging us, once again, to go out in the world and take care of the needy. I could go out to a retirement center or a hospital and look for people in need. I could bring food or flowers or a book to read and be there as a friend to them. There are so many people who are sick and lonely. To go out and find a stranger to serve, it’s out there as something to look into. But it is a little daunting at this point in time. I see so many people in my day who are in need of …