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A still quiet voice inside calls to you: Awaken to your true self! Feel your body and your connection to the Earth. Know your mind and your connection to the Cosmos. Experience the depths of your emotions and connections with each other. Let me help you awaken to heal Welcome, to my blog! Here you will find stories of my journey of awakening. I am still very much on that journey, but perhaps there are ways that I’ve walked that are still new to you and perhaps there is some part of my experience that can help make your walking easier. I write about art, healing, plants as medicine, food and friends, moments of connection and disconnection, energetic transmissions, inspiration and revelation, religious and spiritual experiences and bees. If there is anything you read that resonates and  inspires you, I am grateful. If it sparks a desire to delve deeper into your own growth or you have a question you want answered, please contact me. It is my heartfelt desire to support you. Blessings, Catherine