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Weekly Art Journaling Adventure

Get raw and real with yourself every day as you put your pen, paintbrush and creativity down on paper Calling all stuck creatives, hesitant artists, spiritual seekers and dreamers. Is there something you are feeling that you want to express, but you don’t quite know how or lack the motivation to keep going once you get stuck? We all have creations inside us waiting to come out. You might think you’re not an artist, but once you start doodling, glueing, slapping down color you’ll be surprised! Taking inspiration from the ordeal of our daily lives, the emotions we don’t know what to do with, the dreams we barely remember, we will be making art every day. Some of it may be ugly or embarrassing and some of it will be downright glorious. By committing to give a little time and tools to our inner being, our quiet voices, our non-verbal selves we can tap into a whole other world of information, insight and healing. Fresh creative energy becomes available for our passions and projects flowing into all areas …


A still quiet voice inside calls to you: Awaken to your true self! Feel your body and your connection to the Earth. Know your mind and your connection to the Cosmos. Experience the depths of your emotions and connections with each other. Let me help you awaken to heal Welcome, to my blog! Here you will find stories of my journey of awakening. I am still very much on that journey, but perhaps there are ways that I’ve walked that are still new to you and perhaps there is some part of my experience that can help make your walking easier. I write about art, healing, plants as medicine, food and friends, moments of connection and disconnection, energetic transmissions, inspiration and revelation, religious and spiritual experiences and bees. If there is anything you read that resonates and  inspires you, I am grateful. If it sparks a desire to delve deeper into your own growth or you have a question you want answered, please contact me. It is my heartfelt desire to support you. Blessings, Catherine

Channeling negativity

There is a constant flow of energy through our lives. We cannot control this flow, stopping or starting it at will, but we do have influence over how it is expressed. Sometimes it’s a flow of positivity, sometimes it’s a flow of negativity. Often both at once. The laws of karma say, similarly to newtons laws of motion, that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. What this means is when you have a great positive energy coming into your life, there’s also a great negative energy that comes. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of going on a beautiful mountain retreat where you feel elated and one with nature. Then returning to the city you feel a heaviness or anxiety and get in a fight with your loved ones. Or oppositely, have you ever noticed after an illness or life trauma has passed, when you have cried your heart out or slept all week. Then you walk out into the world and everything is fresh, beautiful and you are full of new hope and …

A ‘radical’ response to getting sick

It’s fall. In Oregon this means that the rains come back and it gets cold, grey and windy out. And for many people it means getting sick. Runny nose, stuffy head, coughing, upset stomach, fatigue, fever, chills and aches, … all that good stuff. And then we say to ourselves: ” Why am I sick again? What did I do wrong? I hate being sick! How do I get out of here as quickly as possible?” Wait! Slow down! Before you reach for that bottle of NyQuil or other pharmaceutical designed to suppress your symptoms so you can go back to work, consider another perspective. Your body is transitioning from summer to winter. Everything is changing: warm to cold, dry to wet, outside to inside, lots of fun in the sun to busy work. Your body needs some time to adjust. Your gut bacteria has to change to meet the fall foods. Your mucus membranes and lymphatic system have to gear up for a different range of bacteria and viruses. Your body temperature and fat …

Get your Art out of the Basement

Break all the Rules Enter your darkness and Create Do you ever have the feeling that your creativity got lost somewhere along the way? Is your life going fine, but you really wish you had more passion and excitement about it? You may not have truly lost your art, but it may be laying around in your basement under huge a pile of crap. Unfelt feelings, negative thoughts, self – judgement and failure can be between you and your creativity. No wonder you haven’t gone looking for it. Besides you’ve probably been too busy following all the important adult rules. Such as: “You have to clean the house, feed the children, make money, pay the bills, mow the lawn, … before you can make art. ” “Being an artist is not a real job.” “Unless you are going to make amazing art you shouldn’t make any art at all.” If any of that sounds familiar, please read on.

A song for my soul

Last night I pulled out my drum and crystal singing bowl and sang from my heart to my belly. In the rhythm and tone old memories were shaken loose; heartbreak and dances with former loves, injuries and illness stuck in my body, anger and sadness, joy and peace. Like a wind blowing through canyons and over hills of my inner landscape the song washed and cleared. My home was humming with good vibrations. Connections with guides and healing masters re-established I drifted off to peaceful sleep.

You’re Special Special!

Just because you are special … … and I have some extra time this month I’m offering 1/2 off to the next 5 new clients who come to me for Energy and Sound Healing  This special is good for long distance (over the phone or Skype) and in person (my office or your home in Portland, OR) Healing Sessions. If you are wanting to be nurtured and enveloped in the deep love, if you have some things you want to clear and release, if you are in need of healing, now is the time to receive. These will go fast, so call or email me to set up your appointment       503.975.8504 with Love, Catherine  

Gut Rebuilding: the beginning of the GAPS diet

I’m enjoying the soothing effect of chicken broth on my intestines on day 4 of the GAPS intro diet. It is a rather involved process to switch to a new diet. Even for someone like me, who has been eating primarily whole, natural, gluten free foods and who ferments fervently, it is quite the adventure. I thought I would share a little about how my process is going so far to give folks a sense of what is involved. GAPS, the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet is an adaptation of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). It has a lot in common with the Paleo Diet in that it focuses on whole, natural meats and vegetables and excludes grains, sugar and all processed food. But it differs in some key points which make it uniquely suited to gut rebuilding. Particularly in the beginning, the main foods are bone broth, soups and fermented foods and all complex carbohydrates including potato and yam are excluded. GAPS was developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell–McBride to support the healing of her …

Nourishment – Rebuild your Relationship with Food

I am excited to announce my new class about food. I am offering it twice in Portland, OR.  Stay tuned for a teleseminar later this summer in anticipation the  “Feeding Your Whole Self” seminar this fall. Nourishment Rebuild your Relationship with Food An evening of exploring and deepening your connection with what you eat and all that feeds you Get in touch with your body and it’s inner wisdom to guide your food choices Discover how to make simple changes to your diet that reduce symptoms of food intolerance or allergies, provide consistent energy, leave you feeling great! Begin to Navigate the Jungle of diets, recipes, food fads to find what actually works for you, your life and your family. 6:30 pm – Mon Sept 9th – $9 Third Way Chiropractic – 1620 SE Ankeny St, Portland OR   Whole foods have been my passion for two decades. My journey with food intolerances has taken me through Vegan, Raw Food and Macrobiotics to Fermentation, Food Elimination, Nourishing Traditions, Paleo and GAPS. What we eat is a …

Ask your belly

Let’s talk about food. Several times a day all of us reach out for nourishment. We take food, put it in our mouths and chew it up. What we eat becomes who we are. How do you choose to eat the things that you eat? Is it because that’s what’s there? Someone put it in front of you, or it’s what’s left in the fridge. You really don’t think about it that much. Do you eat what some expert has told you to eat? More whole grains, more vegetables, less fat. The right diet for your blood type, … Or do you rebel against the word of the experts because they feel restrictive? Is it the packaging that appeals to you? The popular new restaurant, the fancy box on the super market shelf, or the newest miracle food. Or is there something deeper compelling you to eat? a craving or compulsion a desire for something delicious, familiar, satisfying. But really, what is the purpose of eating anyway? I say it is to nourish the body with …