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Fall Art Journaling Session

We’ve been having so much fun at the Wolf + Rabbit the past few months. We’ve drawn and painted. We’ve glued. We’ve cut out lots of pictures. We shared about our successes and struggles as budding artists. One day we hummed and felt colors in our bodies and then let them drip across the pages of our journals. Another time we tuned into our creative guides for inspiration on our purpose. All together we created a beautiful collage on collaboration. It is hanging on the wall of the art space. You can see it in the far left of the following picture. Drop by and have a look up close. If you’re looking for a little extra motivation and a fun group art project come on out Monday Art Journaling Adventure Mon eve 6 – 8pm Sep 14 – Oct 26 Wolf + Rabbit Emporium 5301 SE Francis, Portland OR  Tuition: $180 for 7 sessions or $30 drop in Each week we meet as a group to draw, paint and collage together. We share some of our work …

Weekly Art Journaling Adventure

Get raw and real with yourself every day as you put your pen, paintbrush and creativity down on paper Calling all stuck creatives, hesitant artists, spiritual seekers and dreamers. Is there something you are feeling that you want to express, but you don’t quite know how or lack the motivation to keep going once you get stuck? We all have creations inside us waiting to come out. You might think you’re not an artist, but once you start doodling, glueing, slapping down color you’ll be surprised! Taking inspiration from the ordeal of our daily lives, the emotions we don’t know what to do with, the dreams we barely remember, we will be making art every day. Some of it may be ugly or embarrassing and some of it will be downright glorious. By committing to give a little time and tools to our inner being, our quiet voices, our non-verbal selves we can tap into a whole other world of information, insight and healing. Fresh creative energy becomes available for our passions and projects flowing into all areas …

Get your Art out of the Basement

Break all the Rules Enter your darkness and Create Do you ever have the feeling that your creativity got lost somewhere along the way? Is your life going fine, but you really wish you had more passion and excitement about it? You may not have truly lost your art, but it may be laying around in your basement under huge a pile of crap. Unfelt feelings, negative thoughts, self – judgement and failure can be between you and your creativity. No wonder you haven’t gone looking for it. Besides you’ve probably been too busy following all the important adult rules. Such as: “You have to clean the house, feed the children, make money, pay the bills, mow the lawn, … before you can make art. ” “Being an artist is not a real job.” “Unless you are going to make amazing art you shouldn’t make any art at all.” If any of that sounds familiar, please read on.

Fermentation Fun at People’s Food Coop

All About Beets:   Sunday, January 19, 2-3:30pm Beets are highly nutritious, packed with iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, vitamins A and C, niacin and even folic acid. They are delicious both cooked and raw. But have you ever tried them fermented? Lacto-fermentation makes the nutrients more bioavailable and provides beneficial bacteria to your digestive system. Pickled beets are easy to make at home and so is the refreshing beverage Beet Kvass. This hands on class will walk you through the simple steps of fermenting beets and give you a taste of the results. Free, call the co-op to register. Catherine has been fermenting in jars, bottles and crocks for over a decade. There are times when 9 or more different types of products are bubbling around her home. She loves to experiment with food and share it with anyone interested in tasting something different.

Nourishment – Rebuild your Relationship with Food

I am excited to announce my new class about food. I am offering it twice in Portland, OR.  Stay tuned for a teleseminar later this summer in anticipation the  “Feeding Your Whole Self” seminar this fall. Nourishment Rebuild your Relationship with Food An evening of exploring and deepening your connection with what you eat and all that feeds you Get in touch with your body and it’s inner wisdom to guide your food choices Discover how to make simple changes to your diet that reduce symptoms of food intolerance or allergies, provide consistent energy, leave you feeling great! Begin to Navigate the Jungle of diets, recipes, food fads to find what actually works for you, your life and your family. 6:30 pm – Mon Sept 9th – $9 Third Way Chiropractic – 1620 SE Ankeny St, Portland OR   Whole foods have been my passion for two decades. My journey with food intolerances has taken me through Vegan, Raw Food and Macrobiotics to Fermentation, Food Elimination, Nourishing Traditions, Paleo and GAPS. What we eat is a …