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The bees are here

They came today on a truck from Cottage Grove. Four frames of bees and honey and a new, fertilized queen ready to lay thousands of eggs. After dropping the kids at school I drove to Ruhl’s bee supply in Gladstone to pick up the nucleus hive (nuc). It’s the small wooden box you see above underneath the hive. Since they are from only an hour away they should be used to our lovely wet weather. Kate and Mary Ann gave me great moral support when I struggled to open the lid of the box. It was only held in by two nails, but I swear it was the hardest part of the whole adventure. Next I moved the black feeding tray over. We might use it in addition to the entrance feeders if the bees go through more than a quart a day. It is quite cool and rainy these days, so they may need the extra food until they get a chance to find enough nectar in the neighborhood. We’re feeding them 1:1 sugar …

The new hive

The new hive is all set up and ready to receive the shipment of bees I’ll be picking up on Friday. I had been feeling a bit apprehensive about taking on another year of beekeeping, but now I’m just plain excited. My nuc is due to be picked up at Ruhls bee supply this Friday morning. It’s going to be a busy day. First dropping off a load of kids at Trillium Charter School, where V is in her second week. Then picking up the bees and installing them in the hive at the Kerr’s house. Once they’re all settled I’m off to my second weekend of herb school with Matthew Wood. Yay, for an exciting life.    

The Bien

It is getting to  be the time of  year to prepare for bee swarming season. Last year I set up two hives. A traditional Langstroth hive in a shared garden and a top bar hive with a viewing window in my little backyard. I got started a little late, but I caught my first swarm in June and placed it in my home hive. Unfortunately the season was cold and wet and my bees never made it through summer. This year I’m buying a nucleus hive for the Langstroth that is now in a different, closer garden and keeping my eyes out for a swarm to catch. It’s still pouring ‘winter’ rains in Portland, but I’m thinking about Spring and buzzing things. I was inspired today to poke around in Michael Thiele’s blog . Apiculture is beginning a transformation towards a wholesome way of living with bees. New voices are emerging. The bien is calling. … Bees gives themselves completely to the wellbeing of the bien. Their physical existence is completely devoted to its …