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A still quiet voice inside calls to you: Awaken to your true self!

Feel your body and your connection to the Earth. Know your mind and your connection to the Cosmos. Experience the depths of your emotions and connections with each other.

Let me help you awaken to heal

Welcome, to my blog!

Here you will find stories of my journey of awakening. I am still very much on that journey, but perhaps there are ways that I’ve walked that are still new to you and perhaps there is some part of my experience that can help make your walking easier.

I write about art, healing, plants as medicine, food and friends, moments of connection and disconnection, energetic transmissions, inspiration and revelation, religious and spiritual experiences and bees. If there is anything you read that resonates and  inspires you, I am grateful.

If it sparks a desire to delve deeper into your own growth or you have a question you want answered, please contact me. It is my heartfelt desire to support you.

Blessings, Catherine

Fall Art Journaling Session

We’ve been having so much fun at the Wolf + Rabbit the past few months. We’ve drawn and painted. We’ve glued. We’ve cut out lots of pictures. We shared about our successes and struggles as budding artists. One day we hummed and felt colors in our bodies and then let them drip across the pages of our journals. Another time we tuned into our creative guides for inspiration on our purpose. All together we created a beautiful collage on collaboration. It is hanging on the wall of the art space. You can see it in the far left of the following picture. Drop by and have a look up close.

our creative space

our creative space

If you’re looking for a little extra motivation and a fun group art project come on out

Monday Art Journaling Adventure

Mon eve 6 – 8pm Sep 14 – Oct 26

Wolf + Rabbit Emporium
5301 SE Francis, Portland OR

 Tuition: $180 for 7 sessions or $30 drop in


some of our supplies

Each week we meet as a group to draw, paint and collage together. We share some of our work and experiences. Catherine guides the group in meditation to connect with body wisdom and inspiration, then we make art from our connected place.

During the week each participant makes marks in their journal bringing forth their inner wisdom and creativity and clearing blocks that arise.

Art supplies will be available at each session, but feel free to bring your own favorites.

Everyone will need a journal at least 8.5×11″ with 42+ pages for wet and dry media.

 To register contact Catherine – 503.975.8504 –


Weekly Art Journaling Adventure

Get raw and real with yourself every day as you put your pen, paintbrush and creativity down on paper

Calling all stuck creatives, hesitant artists, spiritual seekers and dreamers. Is there something you are feeling that you want to express, but you don’t quite know how or lack the motivation to keep going once you get stuck?

art journaling for your heart and soul

We all have creations inside us waiting to come out. You might think you’re not an artist, but once you start doodling, glueing, slapping down color you’ll be surprised!

Taking inspiration from the ordeal of our daily lives, the emotions we don’t know what to do with, the dreams we barely remember, we will be making art every day. Some of it may be ugly or embarrassing and some of it will be downright glorious. By committing to give a little time and tools to our inner being, our quiet voices, our non-verbal selves we can tap into a whole other world of information, insight and healing. Fresh creative energy becomes available for our passions and projects flowing into all areas of our lives.

Get the support you need for bringing forth your next big thing.

Art Journaling Adventure

a 6 week journey through your inner realms, to clarity, creativity and power

Mon eve 6 – 8pm May  4, 11, 18 June 1, 8, 15

Wolf + Rabbit Emporium,
5300 SE Foster Rd Tuition $180 ($33 drop in)


Each week we meet as a group to draw, paint and collage together. We share some of our work and experiences. Catherine guides the group in meditation to connect with body wisdom and inspiration, then we make art from our connected place.

During the week each participant makes marks in their journal bringing forth their inner wisdom and creativity and clearing blocks that arise.

Art supplies will be available at each session, but feel free to bring your own favorites.
Everyone will need a journal at least 8.5×11″ with 42+ pages for wet and dry media.

 To register contact Catherine – 503.975.8504 –

Dragon Roar 2

I got in touch with this heat inside of me. A feeling of anger and needing space to be. A feeling of a deep breath coming out of me. A dragon roar!

IMG_2583A couple of months ago I started to contemplate this concept of the dragon energy inside of me. Strong, hot, power to protect me, power to make things happen in the world. I wanted to paint a dragon, but I didn’t know how. I started to sketch and eventually outlined this dragon painting.

It has been a journey of self discovery. I am still learning what it means, what that heat at the base of my spine and through my arms is telling me. Each layer of paint that went on the canvas, each time I took it off the wall and added a little more detail made me feel more connected to my own power.


What does power feel like in your body? For me it is red and solid and burning. Telling me what I need and giving me the strength to keep going against adversity. The roar can be silent inside my head giving force to my commitment, supporting me when I get shaky as I step into a new challenge or negotiate what it is that I want.

On some level, I had thought that power was dangerous and hard to wield, but the dragon is alert, smart and specific. It knows exactly what it is going for with it’s roar and it’s fire and it’s sharp teeth.

It isn’t done yet. Well, maybe the painting is, but the process of discovery is still unfolding.

Channeling negativity

There is a constant flow of energy through our lives. We cannot control this flow, stopping or starting it at will, but we do have influence over how it is expressed. Sometimes it’s a flow of positivity, sometimes it’s a flow of negativity. Often both at once.
The laws of karma say, similarly to newtons laws of motion, that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. What this means is when you have a great positive energy coming into your life, there’s also a great negative energy that comes.

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of going on a beautiful mountain retreat where you feel elated and one with nature. Then returning to the city you feel a heaviness or anxiety and get in a fight with your loved ones. Or oppositely, have you ever noticed after an illness or life trauma has passed, when you have cried your heart out or slept all week. Then you walk out into the world and everything is fresh, beautiful and you are full of new hope and vitality.

We can make choices on how the negative plays out in our life and through that allow more positivity. Negative energy can move through us in many ways. It can come out as anger at our child or partner. It can manifest as an injury or illness. Or it can be consciously channeled, into art or dance or back to nature through one of the elements.channeling negativity

Sri Sai Kaleshwar Swami taught the technique of decharging to help us to deal with the negativity that comes to us. It’s a simple process of taking any negative energy and giving it back to the nature. You can do this through the earth element by putting your hands on the earth or holding a black stone. You can use the cleansing power of water in a shower or bath. You can decharge through your eyes by looking at a flame.
The basic process is always the same. Sincerely ask for the help of the Divine, in what ever form you like, to take the negativity from you through the earth (water/fire) element. Then feel into that element and think on whatever difficulty you are feeling. Allow the energy to flow from you until you feel a shift. It may take a few minutes or as much as half an hour. Then close by thanking the element and the Divine.

channeling negativityIf you’ve had a particularly trying day, try decharging the negativity. And if you’ve had a particularly positive, elating experience, make a place for the negativity that follows to flow out before it causes any trouble. Often I take a nice bath or shower after a powerful process, to make sure anything that got stirred up that I no longer need has a way to move on.

See for yourself how this simple, ancient practice changes your life. Watch this video by of Kimberly, one of Swami Kaleshwar’s senior students, about Decharging for more information.

Painting the Dreams into Being

Making art may well be the best way of tapping into and processing information from the subtle realms. My dreams are rich and vivid, whether they come in sleep or in meditation. Often they don’t make a lot of sense at first and slip away in the rush of the day.

I have been writing my dreams in journals for years. Sometimes I share them with friends and family looking for meaning, insight, direction that may be gleaned from them. This type of processing allows more of the dream to be remembered. When I work with clients in a healing session I share the things I perceive to give them the opportunity to expand their awareness of the energy. After the session I encourage them to talk, write or make art inspired by their experience.

Painting the Dreams into Being

This painting came out of a healing session that I received from Katie Todd a few months ago. I connected with an incredibly vivid blue light and a large, blue galactic being. It’s head extends outward like horns or ears. I sketched it for a while in different ways. Each piece of art allowed me to feel more deeply into the gifts it brings.

I am painting and drawing more and more of the things I perceive.

Cutting past the thinking mind’s attempts to make sense, art allows us to delve deeper into the vast knowledge that is available to us on the inner planes.

An almost daily journal tracks my progress these days. It is such a powerful practice that I wish to share it with others and am in the process of designing a class around it.  Stay tuned for more details.


Dragon Roar

I’ve been exploring my inner body awareness in a series of guided group energy experiences with Denise Dee in preparation for the Brouhaha Festival.

In the first call she had us focus on our throat and what might be stuck there or wanting to express itself. A big, red dragon came out of my throat. It made a guttural hissing sound like a giant snake/cat. Each time I make the sound I feel fierce and strong and protective. Get out of my space! (anything that doesn’t belong there)

angel1I’ve been working on this red painting. It started as a red figure curled up on itself. I struggled for a while to paint a tight human and it started to open its wings and become a bird. After a few days I pictured myself in the scene standing upright with wings and spreading to the edges of the frame to fill it all with my power.

I explored some photos of people and muscles and ended up with a second draft. Then, waiting for inspiration. Is it an angel? Or a Christ like mystic? Will it have wings or something else?


When I felt the dragon in my throat I really wanted to add it to the red painting, but ‘I don’t know how to paint a dragon’. So it just sat there, in my mind, stewing.

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A ‘radical’ response to getting sick

IMG_0887It’s fall. In Oregon this means that the rains come back and it gets cold, grey and windy out. And for many people it means getting sick. Runny nose, stuffy head, coughing, upset stomach, fatigue, fever, chills and aches, … all that good stuff.
And then we say to ourselves: ” Why am I sick again? What did I do wrong? I hate being sick! How do I get out of here as quickly as possible?”

Wait! Slow down! Before you reach for that bottle of NyQuil or other pharmaceutical designed to suppress your symptoms so you can go back to work, consider another perspective.

Your body is transitioning from summer to winter. Everything is changing: warm to cold, dry to wet, outside to inside, lots of fun in the sun to busy work. Your body needs some time to adjust. Your gut bacteria has to change to meet the fall foods. Your mucus membranes and lymphatic system have to gear up for a different range of bacteria and viruses. Your body temperature and fat layers need to adapt to the weather.

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Artist date

Going on a date with myself!

alone time, Art Museum, Artist Date, Awareness, inspiration, reflection, painting

side door of art museum

The notion of the artist date came to me from the book The Artist’s Way
a number of years ago. It involves going out by yourself to do something fun and creative to nurture your inner artist.

Last Saturday we went to explore the Portland Art Museum.

Since I have been painting more I realized that I haven’t really been looking at other people’s art, and can’t quite remember the names for the various art movements and styles. Time to get inspired!

First I went upstairs to the American traditional paintings. After about 20 minutes my mind was swimming. So many different styles of putting paint on paper!

alone time, Art Museum, Artist Date, Awareness, inspiration, reflection, painting

my favorite still life

They must have spent hundreds of hours making some of those. Such intricate details, fine brush strokes. Did they paint with a single bristle?

Who even has time for that these days? How might I integrate what I see into my own work? Needing to sit down and stare into space. Digest the thoughts and impressions.

To find that balance point between learning and seeing all that I can and honoring my capacity. For this the quiet of the museum is ideal.

The different voices inside me get much louder and clearer. One is discussing intelligently the different styles and techniques. Another is tuned in to the feeling of the art, the mood of the people depicted, maybe even the state of mind of the artist. A third is feeling my own body sensations: excitement, headache, tired feet, fullness from lunch. The longer I spend like this alone, the more of me comes online to inform my next choice. Read More

Get your Art out of the Basement

Break all the Rules
Enter your darkness and Create

get art out of basement

landscape turning into ocean

Do you ever have the feeling that your creativity got lost somewhere along the way? Is your life going fine, but you really wish you had more passion and excitement about it?

You may not have truly lost your art, but it may be laying around in your basement under huge a pile of crap. Unfelt feelings, negative thoughts, self – judgement and failure can be between you and your creativity. No wonder you haven’t gone looking for it.
Besides you’ve probably been too busy following all the important adult rules. Such as:
“You have to clean the house, feed the children, make money, pay the bills, mow the lawn, … before you can make art. ”
“Being an artist is not a real job.”
“Unless you are going to make amazing art you shouldn’t make any art at all.”
If any of that sounds familiar, please read on.

get art out of basement

watercolor journeys

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