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Dragon Roar

I’ve been exploring my inner body awareness in a series of guided group energy experiences with Denise Dee in preparation for the Brouhaha Festival.

In the first call she had us focus on our throat and what might be stuck there or wanting to express itself. A big, red dragon came out of my throat. It made a guttural hissing sound like a giant snake/cat. Each time I make the sound I feel fierce and strong and protective. Get out of my space! (anything that doesn’t belong there)

angel1I’ve been working on this red painting. It started as a red figure curled up on itself. I struggled for a while to paint a tight human and it started to open its wings and become a bird. After a few days I pictured myself in the scene standing upright with wings and spreading to the edges of the frame to fill it all with my power.

I explored some photos of people and muscles and ended up with a second draft. Then, waiting for inspiration. Is it an angel? Or a Christ like mystic? Will it have wings or something else?


When I felt the dragon in my throat I really wanted to add it to the red painting, but ‘I don’t know how to paint a dragon’. So it just sat there, in my mind, stewing.

On the second call she had us build a treehouse in our heart. A place just for us. Fun and free and under our control. My treehouse has a big, wide, open platform. The sun shines down on me, oh so cozy. I can see out into the distance and feel the strong tree trunk root all the way down into the earth. From the base of the tree a cleansing brook washes away.

And up in the treehouse lives my dragon! She roars and breathes fire and chases away all those people and thoughts who have suppressed my creativity. Who have infringed upon my freedom and the full expression of my powers and gifts. Hiss! Roar! all the way out to the edges of my realm.


This is a nice place to be. I still don’t ‘know how’ to paint a dragon, but I made a little sketch and will be exploring it more. In the meantime I’ll practice my dragon roar!

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