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Get your Art out of the Basement

Break all the Rules
Enter your darkness and Create

get art out of basement

landscape turning into ocean

Do you ever have the feeling that your creativity got lost somewhere along the way? Is your life going fine, but you really wish you had more passion and excitement about it?

You may not have truly lost your art, but it may be laying around in your basement under huge a pile of crap. Unfelt feelings, negative thoughts, self – judgement and failure can be between you and your creativity. No wonder you haven’t gone looking for it.
Besides you’ve probably been too busy following all the important adult rules. Such as:
“You have to clean the house, feed the children, make money, pay the bills, mow the lawn, … before you can make art. ”
“Being an artist is not a real job.”
“Unless you are going to make amazing art you shouldn’t make any art at all.”
If any of that sounds familiar, please read on.

get art out of basement

watercolor journeys

I spent half of my summer hearing, and ignoring, this little voice in my head that was saying. “I want to paint.”
I had given up oil painting when I was pregnant with my daughter 10 years ago. I had many good excuses, “Oil paints are toxic.” “The baby might tip them over.” “I really don’t have the time.” Occasionally I dabbled in drawing and water color, art that was quick and easy to clean up. But some part of me was dying inside, yearning for what comes out of me when I paint with oils.

I went to a friend’s art opening and almost burst into tears when I saw all her lovely paintings hanging on the walls. “I want to paint!” screamed the little voice inside me. I could feel it itching in my fingers, right along with the itch to touch people with healing energy.

Energy healing is a lot like making art. It taps into the subtle parts of our being and makes the unseen, unheard, unkown parts of ourselves visible. This is why great art touches us on a deeply emotional level. And making art, especially ugly, messy, wild art lets us get in touch with our inner world.

get art out of basement

mixing colors is an art of its own

When I finally started painting again a flood gate was opened. So many feelings, new ways of seeing, clarity about my needs and desires. The intensity poured out onto paper as a moving meditation and to my great surprise, sometimes even turned into beautiful pictures. The tingle in my fingers, to hold a brush and paint, has just increased. Like great sex, once you have some you want more and more and more.

Sometimes the dishes get left and the house is not up to the standards of my inner critic. I’ve even let my daughter watch movies while I painted. But we haven’t starved or forgotten to pay any bills. In fact I’m making more money now, because my passion is alive and expressed in my work. Most importantly I feel more whole and am really enjoying my life.

get art out of basement

my “studio” in a corner of the living room

This is a work in progress. Every time I have a few hours free, the voice of reason is full of rules about what needs to happen before I can paint. But I’m breaking those rules again and again, and so can you. I want to keep get better at it and share this adventure with like minded folks, so I’ve created a class for us to do some inner housecleaning.

Get your Art out of the Basement” teleclass starts Mon Oct 20th 6 – 7 pm. A three week guided energy experience to love your inner darkness, break some rules and get creative.

It’s going to be super fun!
Eventbrite - Get your Art out of the Basement

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  1. Love it Catherine! Totally can relate. Never tried oil paint, usually use oil pastels to get my musing out. What I know today is when that nudging takes over, it is the voice of my soul, my higher guidance system that reminds me to be who I am at core, to let go of the shoulds and just BE. It is life generating and brings clarity, purpose emerges…ongoing when I listen…

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