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Water Kefir

Water Kefir is a wonderful way to make enzyme rich fermented beverages out of coconut water or fruit juice.

kefir grains

It starts with this wonderful crumbly SCOBY that is a symbiotic relationship between fungal and bacterial cells. The water kefir grains tend to be in smaller clumps than kefir grains growing in milk, but they have the same property of making an effervescent, nutritive, slightly sour drink.


I like to use dried fruit, such as the date pictured above, or coconut water to keep my kefir grains healthy and my water kefir varied and tasting delicious.


After 24ish hours I strain the grains out from the juice and drink it all up.


You too can make delicious, fermented beverages out of fruit juice or dried fruit packed with enzymes to improve your digestive system ecology.

If you are in the Portland, OR area contact me for kefir grains, or search in your local area for fellow fermenters.

Here is a document for you to download with more recipes to try out.

Water Kefir Recipes

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