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Nourishment – Rebuild your Relationship with Food

I am excited to announce my new class about food. I am offering it twice in Portland, OR.  Stay tuned for a teleseminar later this summer in anticipation the  “Feeding Your Whole Self” seminar this fall.


Rebuild your Relationship with Food

An evening of exploring and deepening your connection with what you eat and all that feeds you

  • Get in touch with your body and it’s inner wisdom to guide your food choices
  • Discover how to make simple changes to your diet that reduce symptoms of food intolerance or allergies, provide consistent energy, leave you feeling great!
  • Begin to Navigate the Jungle of diets, recipes, food fads to find what actually works for you, your life and your family.
6:30 pm – Mon Sept 9th – $9
Third Way Chiropractic – 1620 SE Ankeny St, Portland OR

NourishmentWhole foods have been my passion for two decades. My journey with food intolerances has taken me through Vegan, Raw Food and Macrobiotics to Fermentation, Food Elimination, Nourishing Traditions, Paleo and GAPS. What we eat is a deeply personal experience and an intricate dance with the world around us.

Come learn to make simple, lasting adjustments to your diet and lifestyle that nourish, sustain and support you.

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