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Bees are awake

Today the sun is shining and the bees are awake and flying about for the first time in weeks. I think they must like the new position of their hive.

I moved the hive to a sunnier spot when it was freezing outside and they were hibernating. The general rule for moving hives is less than 2 feet or over 2 miles. That way the bees will be able to find the entrance and not go back to the old location. If this is done during summer months some of the worker bees who are out may get lost but the rest of the bees will adjust to the new location. The middle of winter is the other good time for a move.

Now the hive is under my big cedar on the SW corner. They will get lots of sun in cooler months and morning and evening all summer long. The cedar will protect them from wind and shed some extra water. In the heat of summer it will provide shade. No wonder bees often choose to make their home in an old tree.

It doesn’t look like they have eaten much of the fondant. But I definitely saw workers coming home with pollen. This is a good sign. Pollen is for feeding the baby bees. It means that the queen is laying and the hive is on their way to growing for spring. Hope they know that a few warm days in February doesn’t mean that spring is here, yet.

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