Healing, Plant Spirit Medicine
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imagine yourself …

Imagine yourself standing in a clearing. Green grass, soft moss under your feet. A circle of trees around you. Comforting, protecting, watching over you.

Breathe deep, inhaling the sweet smell of forest, the life from all around you. You may notice some familiar trees nearby, Cedar, Maple, Hawthorne, Doug Fir or perhaps others you have no name for, but they feel like kin. A little closer are the flowers and bushes surrounding you, gently merging with the edge of the clearing.

Imagine you can see the roots from the tall trees, the shrubs, the flowers and grass all growing down and out, entwined with each other and the fugal micelium that connects them all.

You too are connected.  You may not have physical roots, but your energy comes out in lines and waves, like little rootlets all around you. Bigger ‘roots’ extend from your palms, the soles of your feet the tip of your spine, the top of your head, those energy centers throughout your body refered to as chakras.

Tune into them now, feel the flow of light like a roots from your feet heading down into the earth, guided by gravity. Tendrils from all over your body join together into a strong beam shining down, down, down. Through the grasses and mosses, past their roots, through the mantle of the earth, through the molten rock all the way to the core. The center of the earth.

Pause here for a moment in realization that this center is for all of us who dwell on earth, we are all connected here, grounded. And from this core energy wells up , flowing back along your root up, up, up through the molten rock, the mantle of the earth, past the grasses and mosses to join with you. Flowing into your feet and into your body.

Allow yourself to open to this healing energy that washes over and through you, nourishing, healing, cleansing your being on all levels. …

This is the beginning. A guided mediation calling you into awareness, into connection, into a state of opening to Healing. If you came to me for a healing session we would start with a meditation, moving into connection with Reiki, Elemental Energy, Plant Spirits. As your mind relaxes and drifts I follow the energy as it wants to flow to you, through you. Join me.

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