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Nourishing Families

Catherine Klebl is Nourishing Families

Food, herbs and healing touch – raising children of all ages to their highest potential

Food deeply effects the way we think and feel. Allergies, mood swings, behavioral issues, body weight, low energy, food cravings and so much more can be vastly impacted by making simple shifts in diet. I help individuals, families, pets asses their eating patterns, develop new strategies that match their life style and implement theses in small steps. This may include meal planning, cooking classes, shopping excursions or keeping a diet diary. We can tailor to your needs based on my two decades of studying and eating natural, whole foods including fermentation, ancestral wisdom, Paleo, raw foods, macrobiotics, vegan/ vegetarian, gluten or sugar free.

Medicinal Plants offer gentle support and nourishment to our bodies as we move through the challenges of daily life. Colds, fevers, the flu, wounds, infections, broken bones, gum disease, allergies, stress, insomnia, lack of energy and other ailments are eased and our recovery is sped up through the use of herbal formulas. Most herbs are safe even for small children and their growing bodies respond rapidly to these gentle helpers. I work mostly with locally grown or wildcrafted plants. Many of my remedies are lovingly harvested and hand crafted by myself. I am available to lead herb walks and teach folks of all ages how to process the plants that grow around us.

Healing Touch soothes hurried minds and frantic bodies. Aches and pains, stress and anxiety, hyper activity and concentration problems, sleep disturbance and lack of connection often benefit from the deep relaxation that comes from healing touch. Children are invited to roll and play on the floor with me; crawling, laughing and rocking their way free of tension and into their joyful, connected selves. Those who prefer may relax on the massage table to be walked through guided meditation and be bathed in healing energy and sounds as I adjust the flow through and around them to clear, balance and revitalize their being. I offer healing touch based on Reiki, Tai Chi, intuitive guidance, sound healing, elemental and plant spirits, Original Play and the connection with the One spirit we all share.

If any of these offerings seem like they would be nourishing to you or your family, please get in touch with me to schedule an appointment. Sessions can be at your home, in my home office or over the phone.

Catherine Klebl


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