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The next step

It's been a long time since I posted. Summer has been a time of change and personal growth and now I find myself at a new crossroads. The nanny job I have been greatly enjoying is coming to a close. The question presents itself of where to focus next.

After much deliberation I come to the conclusion that this is the great opportunity to focus on stepping out into the world more actively as a healer. What a daunting and delightful prospect. There are three main modalities that I see myself practicing.

Energy healing based on my decade as a Reiki Master, my connections with plant Spirit Medicine, the healing channels I am opening through the meditation practices of Swami Kaleshwar and lastly the sounds that come through me which stem from no formal training but never the less deeply impact the folks who feel it.

Nutrition Coaching based on my experiments with vegetarian, vegan, raw, macrobiotic, Paleo and other aspects of whole, organic food eating as well as almost twenty years of avidity studying nutrition books in proper Free School style.

Herbal Medicine guided by the plant beings I work with and informed by my studies in the School of Traditional Western Herbalism and the School of Forest Medicine. I make herbal medicines from wild crafted and home grown plants, lead herb walks and work with folks to find plant allies who help support their health goals.

I have to some extent already presented these in this blog, but I realize that my writing has gone many ways over the past year and not all of them lead back to the place I might wish to direct a potential new client too.

At this crossroads I also find the next step of this blog. Will I move it, or edit it or simply start a new one aimed more specifically at my healing practice? Hmm …

So many questions.

And you, my dear readers, in the true spirit of ” awakening to heal” will get to enjoy glimpses into my process of refining, formulating and presenting myself to the world as a healer.

I would love to hear your feedback as I try out a few different approaches over the next few weeks.


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