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to live and die with dignity

I realize once again that I have lofty goals for our world.

for every human being, animal and plant to live and die in love and dignity.

That’s really what it all comes down to, isn’t it?

It came to me today as I cut up my bell pepper.

I have to admit, I am a food snob. I buy almost all my produce organic and as local as possible. But this time I bought a conventional bell pepper, because my daughter picked it out, and I just wanted one, and there were no organic ones at either store I went to. As I was cutting it I felt how much less vibrant it was than the ones I got a few weeks back from a local farmer (must have had them in a greenhouse). I caught myself judging the poor little fruit and sent blessings to it and it’s family. The picture that came to me was of a barren field where pepper plants grow their short life and then are ripped from the soil to be replaced by the next crop. The only way they are kept alive is with plenty of inorganic fertilizers.

Well, not really, they live on sun and rain and soil the same as everything on earth. But they may not live in healthy soil and they likely are not treated with the same kind of love and dignity as the cucumbers I got from my local farmer.

This all reminds me of a video I watched a few nights ago. The halal slaughter of lamb. Halal is the Islamic version of Kosher. In the video it was demonstrated how with a true prayer to God from a believing human a sheep will relax completely before having it’s life taken to support another. (the first part of the video is just about the prayer and the sheep, none actually get killed) I was so touched by it.

This is how we all should get to die, in the hands of another who is connected to the divine and has a good use for our beloved body.

The creator has a master plan,

Peace and Happiness for every man. – Pharao Sanders

I love this song. Read the lyrics too.



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