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Labyrinth pictures

I went back to the labyrinth today and it is so overgrown in just a few weeks that it’s almost impossible to follow the trail. Isn’t that how life is sometimes. You find something special and receive great joy from it and when you return a little while later all you catch are glimpses. Here are a few for you to see.Labyrinth, awareness

Labyrinth, awarenessLabyrinth, awarenessLabyrinth, awareness





The empty lot overgrown with weeds.






My daughter walking in at the entrance quickly became discouraged as she could not see which way to turn.

















Carefully drawn white lines are still visible in the bare patches. Some of them have been traced with rocks.
















Others are almost completely obscured by mallow, sunflower, dandelion, grasses, …











I do hope the creator of this lovely path will return and finish it up. It is such a nice patch of earth to be honored in this way. I’ll ask around the neighborhood, perhaps I can help out.


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