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Welcome back, Cat

Life has been an incredible journey through uncharted territory these past few weeks. I can’t really begin to explain the experience of meditating with Swami Kaleshwar‘s energy and long time students for the Guru Purnima celebration last week. Suffice it to say that I’ll be digesting it for a while. Perhaps someday I’ll have something good to write about it.

In a strange twist of life I am stuck at home doing just that as I fell ice skating on Sunday. I hit my head and dislocated my right shoulder. So now I am at home resting, healing and eating and catching up on my herb school homework.

For breakfast I had this lovely gyro lamb patty, from New Season’s market. It’s on a bed of thinly sliced sautéed collards with a side of onion, carrot and burdock, a fried egg and a scoop of beet/ cabbage kraut. I washed it all down with a nice glass of duck broth. Yum, yum.

dislocated shoulder, food journal, Sri Kaleshwar, crispy chicken liver

For lunch I had a salad with garden greens and flowers. Being careful not to poison myself!

I’m pretty sure these fancy leaves are a Nightshade rather than the quite similar looking Wild Spinach. I’m going to wait and see what the flowers look like. I spent a fair bit of time poring over John Kalla’s Edible Wild Plants and a variety of weed id websites (most of which are selling weed killer) before I was totally exhausted and needed a nap. Amazing how much energy is going to my shoulder right now.

dislocated shoulder, food journal, Sri Kaleshwar, crispy chicken liver

For dinner I’m trying out crispy chicken livers (I am totally delighted with Mel and her website if you like paleo blogs) and then hopefully I’ll have a little brain power to analyze the actions of the herbal formulas I’m constructing for school.



    • Cat says

      The chicken livers were amazing. So simple and fun. Some of them jumped around in the pan like popcorn.

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