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Walking the labyrinth

After a long day I went out for a barefoot stroll around the neighborhood, just to stretch my legs and feel nature before I turn in to bed. A block from my home there is a field, which was recently mowed and in it I saw stones and white lines of paint. As I got closer I could discern the beginnings of a labyrinth.

Awareness, Collective Consciousness, Earth Mother, labyrinth, Meditation

Someone has gone to quite a bit of bother to lay out this complex shape in a public place. I felt invited in to walk toward the center.

I love the way a labyrinth draws me in. At first the path seems short and direct, but after a few steps it curves and turns back on itself. The meandering journey slows the mind and opens the heart. First I move in and then it again. I find myself pausing to take a deep breath and soak in my surroundings. A couple of tall trees, blackberry blossoms, familiar weeds between my toes, soft sand and little jagged rocks under my feet. I am deeply grateful to the person who laid this out, to the earth, the sky, the peace.

On and on the path moves and I follow; to the east, to the west, crossing through the center of the south, out to the furthest edge and finally to the center. I sit, still, allowing it in, breathing my own blessing for those who will travel this path after me.

Suddenly a bell goes off in my pocket. The boiled eggs are ready! I am called back to packing and getting ready for my trip tomorrow. A period of meditation in the mountains lies before me. What a blessing to have had this chance to connect to the earth right here by my home.

The image is from the book Sacred Rituals by Eileen London & Belinda Reico. It is too dark to take pictures, maybe another day.


  1. I love hearing about other’s experiences on the labyrinth. Walking a labyrinth is a very fulfilling spiritual practice.. I would definitely be interested in seeing a photo of the one you walked as I collect them.

    • Cat says

      I’ll post some photos soon. Once I think of it in the daylight. 🙂

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