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Food Journal, 6.23

6:30 up, a little groggy after 8 hours

7:00 1 cup salmon broth, good BM

7:15 2 scrambled eggs and asparagus hash (made 3 but didn’t want to eat too much before exercising)

8:00 Bootcamp: hard core cardio today

1 bottle of water down

10:00 last egg and hash, 2 cups green smoothie, 1 cup broth, 4 oz almonds and pistachio

1:30 Lunch: salad with salmon, avocado, nori, jicama, olives. Feeling a little more hungry, perhaps nervous in a room full of people. So I ate 1/2 a fig and mesquite sweetened, dark chocolate bar Righteously Raw 90% Cacao Gogji Bar super good and low sugar. Wonder how it will effect me. Also 1/2 tiny apple.

3:30 I have some smelly gas and a bit of a headache. Was it the chocolate and dried fruit or the candied bacon from last night? I’m pretty sure that it’s the sugar.

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