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Food Journal, 6.20

6:45 woke up, almost exactly eight hours after I turned off the light. Feeling good and refreshed.

8:15 Breakfast: smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, jicama, spinach. 2 cups broth, 3 oz kombucha.

9:00 nice, big type 4 bowel movement.

Poop update : I looked back over the past few weeks. Mostly my bowel movements where still type 1 (small, hard balls) but several times a day. But there have been a number of type 4 (large, well formed) stools. The fist one on 6.5 then 6 days later, then 5 days later, then 3 days later. This is a huge improvement. In the past year I had maybe one of those a month. And I haven’t taken any psyllium or cascara in quite a while now. Seems like dandelion and burdock and whatever shifted in me energetically is working.

Letting go is happening, but not how I imagined. I am letting go of some hard feelings about things that happened in the past few years, but more importantly I am letting go of a lot of self- doubt and judgment. Every day I find myself saying nice things to myself and allowing myself to relax and deeply breathe in the amazing gifts my life brings to me. I am so fortunate to be on this incredible journey of self- discovery. I love learning more and more about healing with food, herbs and energy. I love sitting quietly in nature listening to the birds and the wind, feeling the sun (or rain) on my skin. I love my friends, my family, my home, my spiritual path. I love moving and transforming my body into something more subtle and strong at the same time. Great gratitude to all my guides and helpers!

10:40 2 hard boiled eggs with kraut and a pint of broth.

Then a massage with the lovely Kelly Murphy.

1:50 Lunch: I’m starving. Free range buffalo dogs and zucchini grilled on the electric grill with leftover salad and veggies from last night, kraut and mango salsa.

4:30 1 more dog and zucchini
5:45 1 cup green smoothie, cucumber slices
7:00 Soul Time meditation and breathing with crystal grid
10:30 late dinner. Salad with deli turkey and hard boiled eggs. Almonds, Apple slices and a few pieces of chocolate. Starved apparently.
12 to bed. Hopefully the meditation counts towards my 8 hours of sleep.


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