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Food journal 6.18

It’s the third week of the bootcamp challenge. This week were only eating meat and veggies. No dairy, no nuts or fruit in addition to avoiding grains and sugar. Paleo to the fullest. I’m adding in a lot of bone broth to use this as an opportunity to rebuild my gut flora. Though the last few days my bowel movements have been so regular I’ve actually been taking a break from Psyllium and Cascara.

5:05 up with the alarm, moving a little slow, but feeling good after 8 hours at home in my bed

5:30 1/2 carrot, 1 cup broth
6:00 bootcamp, abdominal workout. Lost 3 lbs over the last two weeks.

7:40 Breakfast: 2 lamb chorizo sausages, sautéed asparagus, cabbage, onion in coconut oil and kraut
8:30 a little more chorizo and veggies, breakfast was rushed before work and I just wasn’t quite satisfied

9:00 1 cup broth

11:00 Snack: rest of breakfast, celery and water

12:30 1 cup broth, finished second bottle of water

1:00 Lunch: Cajun Halibut with a pile of broccoli, 1/4 avocado, 2 Tbsp goddess dressing, 1/4 cup kraut, lime

Leftovers from lunch = no brainer snack for later

2:30 1 cup broth and broccoli water from steaming it earlier

4:30 Snack: leftover chicken and beets, water

7:30 Dinner: a little late really. Salad of lettuce and greens from the garden, bell pepper and leftover halibut and broccoli. 1 cup broth

I’m considering the GAPS diet again. This is the closest I’ve been to it. What I am eating pretty much fits with the Full Gaps diet, but I am considering doing the intro diet, just to see if there aren’t any other food sensitivities that I havent discovered yet and to give my gut a good healing. I just don’t know if now is the best time. I have school this weekend and next weekend I’m off to a meditation retreat in the mountains where food is going to already be a challenge.

To begin the intro diet I would just consume bone broth and meat-veggie soups for a few days. Slowly adding in fermented foods, egg, dairy, raw veggies and then nuts and fruit. Really not that hard, but not what I have prepared myself for so far. I may just add in soups and broth wherever it is easy while continuing with the Bootcamp diet. We’ll see. Really I don’t have time to be contemplating this. I need to do homework and go to bed.

9:45 to bed, I was so tired I could feel my eyes closing and my neck tense up. Should have gone before 9.

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