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Food Journal, 6.12

5:25 up, groggy for sure

20 oz water, 2 tsp psyllium

6am Bootcamp, some fun partner exercises today. I was impressed by how much easier lunges are now than when I started a few weeks ago.

7am Snack: 1 pint green smoothie

I spent some time over the weekend digging through my kitchen to make an inventory of all the food I have. That way I can figure out what to give away, how to eat the rest of the perishables and follow the Bootcamp diet plan. Here are my notes, notice how I keep adapting them to meet my schedule.

dairy free, food, food journal

Today is also my last day of dairy for three weeks. I want to see what that is like. If it will effect my digestion at all. Besides it’s how the meal plan is designed. So one last kefir smoothie and cheese omelette.

dairy free, food, food journal

8:30 Breakfast: 3 egg omelette, 1 oz raw cheddar, spinach, onion, bell pepper

Sipping water all along, finishing up my second 26 oz bottle

12:30 Lunch: salad with smoked salmon, same as last night pretty much. Usually the salad is for dinner, but I’m out around town and it’s so much easier to take with me than a lamb burger and veggies.

3:00 psyllium and water

3:30 1/2 mango, 1/2 oz pumpkin seeds. 1 slice deli turkey. 1 large lettuce leaf. I have noticed that just nuts and fruit don’t satisfy me for a snack, whereas meat and greens do.

The afternoon is the hardest time for me. Apparently cortisol levels are lowest at 3 pm making us want sweet things.

dairy free, food, food journal

Dinner: Lamb gyro pattie from New Season’s deli, asparagus, mushroom and red onion sautéed in the lamb fat, red cabbage and beet kraut

As for the rest of the day I don’t quite remember anymore, because then I got busy preparing for my daughter to go it of town and to go camping myself.

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