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Food journal, 6.11

Back after a nice long blogging break. It’s been a busy week. The first week of Bootcamp’s six week challenge. A breakthrough with my elimination, two bowel movements a day! Reiki attunement with my daughter. Dancing, sleeping, eating, yum. If I get a chance I’ll write more about those things.

In the meantime I think I’ll go back to writing down my food, that was really keeping me on track. And for the challenge one of the things I’d like to do is loose a little more weight, so being on track is a good thing.

6am woke before my alarm. 8 hours of sleep

Little, strained BM

6:45 20 oz warm water, 2 tsp psyllium with a pinch of slippery elm for taste

7:30 3 Macadamia nuts, 1/4 apple (starving, pre breakfast snack). 1/2 tsp dandelion tincture

8:30 Breakfast: 2 oz lamb bacon, 2 fried eggs, kale, asparagus, sauerkraut. 1 cup chicken broth. supplements

10:30 Snack: 1 Tbsp almond butter, celery, lettuce, nori

12:00 feeling hungry, finished first 26 oz bottle of water

12:30 Lunch: Scarfed down 1/2 cup taco meat (beef, tomato sauce, bell pepper and ?) while prepping lunch. Then ate 2 chicken sausages, roasted root veggies, sauerkraut. 1 cup chicken broth. I didnt reslly like the chicken sausages, sont get thise next time. Felt too full.

1:00 two hour nap, Good after all that food. Grateful for babies who sleep well.

3:30 20 oz water with 1/2 tsp psyllium

Big poop

4:30 snack: 1 pint green smoothie (1/2 cup strawberry, apple, apricot, 1/2 cup kefir, 10g whey protein, 7 g hemp protein, pinch of bee pollen, big handful of kale, water)

16 oz water, 2 times

6:30 still feeling full. 1/2 tsp Dandelion, 1/4 tsp Burdock tincture

7:00 Dinner salad: keeping it lighter. Lettuce, garden greens (miner’s lettuce, kale, dandelion), cucumber, bell pepper, carrot, 3 olives, 2.5 oz grilled salmon, 1 tbsp goddess dressing. 1 cup chicken broth. Supplements. Big burp. Ahh, that feels good in my belly.

7:30 4 oz water kefir

9:30 to bed, more water

10:45 to sleep. Yes the iPad is a good way to stay up too late.

Daily review:

Water: 112 oz

Exercise: 20 min med/light, walked 12 blocks carrying a baby on my back and pushing a toddler in a stroller

Diet: paleo, except maybe that taco meat had something sweet in it. I had one more snack than the official food plan. And I ate a lot at lunch.


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