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Honoring the Mother

The Mother wants to give her child everything. Everything the child asks for, needs or simply would be delighted by. But the child must also be polite.

By polite I don’t mean saying the right words, like please and thank you. Deep politeness is a way of being – respectful, humble, grateful – acknowledging that what you receive is so much more than you can ever give back. This attitude, this sharing of love is what makes the work of the mother a joy.

We must practice to be polite with our mothers. Our human mothers, our mother earth.

We must show our children how to respect us, our wives, our elders, our planet.

And how do we do that best? First we do it by honoring ourselves. We honor our bodies by feeding them well, resting, moving. We honor our hearts by loving, playing, saying nice things to and about ourselves. We honor our personal space and time by having and holding clear boundaries. We honor our creativity by giving it room to express itself.

Beyond that we can model politeness and, as I have been learning more and more, by expecting politeness from those around us. It is ok to ignore a rude request or demand and ask a child to rephrase and practice asking nicely. It is ok to make the family wait until everyone is seated before eating. It is imperative to speak up when you are not being treated well.

It is imperative to speak up when the earth is not being treated well. The earth gives to us everything we need and ask for and are delighted by. Give thanks. Be polite. Be gentle and respectful with our resources.

This is the time when humanity must shift back to honoring the mother. The human mothers and the mother earth.


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