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Food Journal, Day 15. Check in

As you can see I didn’t blog my food yesterday. In fact I am currently considering whether to continue to do it every day, so if you like to read about what I eat, write a comment saying so.

It’s been two weeks, which was my initial plan. I wasn’t expecting it to be so educational for me. I will probably check in from time to time in any case to chart my progress with the grain and sugar elimination. That has been 12 days so far, planning for 6 weeks, 56 days, and then theoretically to reintroduce some things and see how they work.

I’m still contemplating doing the GAPS intro diet for part of this time, but haven’t read the whole book yet.

Today’s food:

6:00 alarm woke me, still a little tired. 8 hours of sleep

Psyllium and water

7:15 smoothie: strawberry, peach, yogurt, whey protein

8:45 3.5 eggs scrambled, a little chard. The chard left my mouth feeling all dried out and metallic. Too much astringent and minerals.

10:30 snack time: 2 sheets of nori, baby carrots and almond butter

12:30 lamb burger and small salad with sourcream

3:30 apple slices and almond butter (1/2 apple and 3 oz almond butter all together today)

5:30 1/2 cup kombucha with chia seed, a few more slices of apple with almond butter. The sweet smell of brown rice cooking is really making me want to eat it. I wonder if all the fruit I ate today made it more appealing.

9:00 exhausted to bed


  1. EIleen says

    I have enjoyed reading what you eat, but if it takes too much time, maybe post it once or twice a week.

    It made me feel like I should eat more vegetables.

    I am still wondering if eating so much protein will make the body too acidic and thin out the bones.

    • Cat says

      I learned from my herb teacher Paul Bergner, who also teaches nutrition at NAIHM in Boulder, that there National Academy of Sciences declared there has never been any studies indicating any negative impact from eating any amount of protein. But perhaps there is more I don’t know.

  2. Taunya says

    I enjoy reading about your meals – and find them inspirational. I don’t read it every day – but I go back and read it when I have time. Thank you for your efforts.

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