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looking for practice clients for herb school

I am looking for a few folks who would like to receive a free health assessment from a budding herbalist. I have been working with medicinal plants since 2007 and am currently in my second year of the School of Traditional Western Herbal Medicine. I just learned a great in-depth way to do a client intake and need to practice it at least twice before June 20th.

Are you interest in taking a closer look at your health?

Do you have any current illnesses that you would like to get some help with?

Would you like learn which herbs and lifestyle changes could best support you in your next step of healing?

Do you suffer from chronic aches, pains, allergies or digestive troubles?

Wholistic Herbalism looks at the entire person, not just the symptoms that are presenting themselves at the moment. Therefore we schedule 2 – 3 hours for the initial client intake. This allows us (the practitioner and the client) to look for patterns in the dis-ease. When did it start? What brings it on? How does it fit in with other symptoms that may seem unrelated?

We would look at and discuss any physical or emotional symptoms you are experiencing as well as diet, lifestyle, medications, health history.

You don’t have to have a major health concern, but that could make it more interesting and valuable to both of us.

I may offer you some nutritional or lifestyle suggestions in addition to a recommended herbal formula. Remember I am an herbalist in training not a doctor and I will refer you to see your doctor if that seems appropriate.

The initial assessment is totally free. If you decide to buy any of my handmade herbal remedies or plan follow-up visits I would charge my regular fees for that.

Please, read more about my experience as energy healer and herbalist here.

Thanks so much for considering this. And feel free to share it with others.

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Catherine Klebl
Mahonia Medicinals





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  1. Cat says

    Wow, I was not expecting such a big response to my offer. I have booked a few sessions for the next few weeks which will address my homework. But clearly there are more people who would like to have a closer look at their health. I’m probably going to offer a number of discounted intro sessions over the next few months.
    Thanks to all of you who have shown interest in working with me.

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