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Food Journal, Day 13

3:30 woke up. Great time for some deep meditation and self healing. Among other things contemplating food and all the ideas I carry around with me picked up from other people. Time to own my own way with this.

5:30 getting up to try. 6am exercise class. Dragging to get out of bed. But once I was up it felt good. Beautiful morning. Psyllium and water.

5:45 6 oz carrot, celery, spinach juice with coconut milk and whey protein (this time I saved half for after class and that felt much better)

7:00 4 oz juice, lots of water

7:30 10oz smoothie: strawberry, yogurt, coconut milk, papaya, spinach, hemp & whey protein. Meant to make it for later in the day, but I was just ravenous.

Biked to work, 2 miles.

8:45 4 scrambled eggs, 1/2 head chard and beet greens, Kim chi, 1/4 avocado. Vitamins

Biked with the kids to the park.

11:45 seared ahi & cabbage, same as last nights dinner

Then an hour nap. My body is working overtime to use all this good food to build muscle to keep up with my new exercise routine. I think the routines at Fit Body Boot Camp are amazing additions of cardio and strength training, but they probably are more intense then what really suits my system. Got to be careful with my joints in particular. I figure I’ll get my metabolism kicked in gear for a month or so and then take that habit out into hiking and biking more. I know once a week a good push like that is amazing for the system. Just not so sure that I need 45 minutes 3 times a week. We’ll see. It’s only been one week and one week of strict grain and sugar free.

2:00 psyllium and water

3:00 snack time. 3oz nuts& dried fruit, 1/3 apple with almond butter, a few carrot sticks and cucumbers with dressing. I felt ravenous again. When I finally had the oily tahini dressing I felt satiated. Next time I’ll try the fats first.

5:45 lamb gyro burger, chard, kimchi and sourcream. Vitamins

More biking. I am exhausted. Another early bed time.

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