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Food Journal, day 12

7:00 got up. It was a bit of a struggle today and I had been in bed since 8:30 pm, still catching up I guess.

7:10 Psylium and water

7:45 12 oz carrot, celery, spinach juice with coconut milk and whey protein (14g)

8:00 Fit Body Boot Camp. I could feel myself still digesting the juice. Next time I’ll make sure to have food 30 minutes before I exercise or after.

9:15 Hard boiled egg, lax and greens. Herbal and green tea. At St. Jack with some folks from Boot Camp. Yummy!

food, food journal, 12:30 Lunch: Tuna salad and a big salad. More water.

food, food journal6:00 Dinner: Seared Ahi (yes more tuna) on a bed of cabbage, turnip and onion garnished with bell pepper, cilantro, green onion and kim chi.

food, food journal, Desert Popsicle: Strawberry yogurt, with mango coconut filling and a piece of peach. And since I was still hungry I had 1 square of dark chocolate, a dozen nuts and a spoonful of coconut mana.

9:10 wow I am tired. Time to prep food for tomorrow and hit the sack.


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